Thursday, November 16, 2017

Best Day Ever!

I tell you for certain that if you obey my words, you will never die."  Then the people said, "Now we are sure that you have a demon. Abraham is dead, and so are the prophets. How can you say that no one who obeys your words will ever die?  Are you greater than our father Abraham? He died, and so did the prophets. Who do you think you are?"  Jesus replied, "If I honored myself, it would mean nothing. My Father is the one who honors me. You claim that he is your God,  even though you don't really know him. If I said I didn't know him, I would be a liar, just like all of you. But I know him, and I do what he says.  Your father Abraham was really glad to see me."

John 8: 51 - 56

These verses give us a glimpse into the time when Jesus was in Heaven with God before He came to earth.  He was thinking about the time when Abraham entered Eternity and met Jesus in Heaven!  Jesus said that Abraham was really glad to meet Him.  

The Pharisees thought they were followers of God, but Jesus says they were not!  If they did not repent and become disciples of Jesus, they would not be glad to meet Him!  In fact, it will be the worst time ever for all of them as they hear the words “depart from Me, I never knew you” come out of His mouth.

Abraham met Jesus after he left this world, and you will too!  That meeting will either be the best thing that ever happened to you, or it will be the worst!  If you obey the Words of Jesus it will be the best!  Decide today to be an obedient disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ!

“Lord, help me to hear your voice so I can obey your every Word!  May that day when I meet You face to face be the Best Day Ever!  Praise Your Holy Name now and forever.  Amen.”

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