Friday, May 31, 2019

Rescued by Jesus

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Stay away from people who are not followers of the Lord! Can someone who is good get along with someone who is evil? Are light and darkness the same?  Is Christ a friend of Satan? Can people who follow the Lord have anything in common with those who don't?

2 Corinthians 6:14-15

The Bible says that followers of Jesus must be "in the world, but not of the world."  But how can we even preach the message of the Gospel if we "stay away from people who are not followers of the Lord?" Well, we don't stay away!  But we also don't forget who we are!

Some followers of Jesus struggle with the truth that disciples of Christ do not have anything in common with those who don't know Jesus!  Jesus' followers no longer belong to this world.  They have been "born again" and are on their way to Heaven to be with Jesus forever!  

But if people in the world don't "like" Christians, then how are they ever going to be won over to Jesus? Men don't accept help from a rescuer because they like him.  And no one truly comes to Jesus to be saved from Eternal Death because they "like" Him or His followers!  Men turn to Jesus because He is the only way to be saved!

If you were a lifeguard on the beach and you knew the tsunami was soon coming, what would you do?  Of course, you would not spend your time winning the confidence of those who were in harm's way!  You would deliver the message of warning to as many as possible and as fast as you could!

I do not know, and neither do you know if today is your last day on planet earth!  But I must live this day, as if it is indeed that very day!  Today may be the Day that Jesus will come, or today may be the day when I will go!  But wisdom says that I should live this day as if it were the last day I had to live here!  One day that will certainly be true!

"Lord Jesus, help me to live today with Your soon coming in the front of my mind!  And Jesus do come quickly.  May Your Holy and Righteous Name be praised now and forever,  Amen."

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tragedy Becomes Triumph

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Our bodies are like tents that we live in here on earth. But when these tents are destroyed, we know that God will give each of us a place to live. These homes will not be buildings that someone has made, but they are in heaven and will last forever.  While we are here on earth, we sigh because we want to live in that heavenly home.  We want to put it on like clothes and not be naked.  These tents we now live in are like a heavy burden, and we groan. But we don't do this just because we want to leave these bodies that will die. It is because we want to change them for bodies that will never die.  God is the one who makes all of this possible. He has given us his Spirit to make us certain that he will do it.  So always be cheerful! As long as we are in these bodies, we are away from the Lord.  But we live by faith, not by what we see.  We should be cheerful, because we would rather leave these bodies and be at home with the Lord.

2 Corinthians 5:1-8

There is a very old and certainly not true story about a rabbit who after being captured by a fox begged to be thrown into a patch of thorn bushes instead of being killed by the fox.  The fox agreed, thinking it would certainly be a fate worse than death!  The end of the story reveals that the rabbit was "born and bred" in the "brier patch" of thorns! All the fox did was to send the rabbit home!

As a follower of Jesus, the Devil wants to kill you!  Then, he must think that you would be taken out of service as a disciple of Jesus.  

But remember this: As a Christian, when you die you are simply going Home to Heaven!  Even death cannot defeat you.  

As a Believer in Jesus, this world is indeed not your home.  You will be here for a just a short while and then you will transition to your home in Heaven and be there forever!

You can live here with reckless abandon for Jesus because most of your life lies on the other side of leaving this earth!

"Lord Jesus thank You that what the world sees as the tragedy of death, You have transformed into the Triumph of Eternity!  May Your Holy and Righteous Name be praised now and forever,  Amen." 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Run to the Darkness

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The god who rules this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers. They cannot see the light, which is the good news about our glorious Christ, who shows what God is like.  We are not preaching about ourselves. Our message is that Jesus Christ is Lord. He also sent us to be your servants.  The Scriptures say, "God commanded light to shine in the dark." Now God is shining in our hearts to let you know that his glory is seen in Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 4:4-6

The world is a very dark place.  Satan has seen to it that light is extinguished wherever he can put it out!  

Not being able to see has only two possible causes.  The first reason a man cannot see is if he is blind. A blind man cannot see no matter how bright the light is around him.   The second reason is darkness itself!  A sighted man in the dark is the same as a blind man in the light.  

Those who don't believe in Jesus Christ have minds that have been blinded by the Devil!  But when you come to Jesus, He gives sight to your blinded mind!  Then you can see the Light that has come into the world!

If you are a follower of Jesus and you think you see no light at all, remember this: "God is shinning in our hearts!"  The light of God shinning in your heart is like a head lamp on a car.  Even though it is dark, very dark around you God shows you the way for every step you take because of the light of Christ and His Holy Spirit in your heart!

As a follower of Jesus don't look for the light and run to it!  Look for the darkness and run to the darkness, because when you get there the light of God shinning through you will dispel that darkness.  The light of Jesus Christ in your heart will destroy Darkness and bring His light to a lost and dying world!

"Lord Jesus I once was blind, but now I see! Shine Your light today, so that I may see every step You want me to take and bring Your Light to others who are lost in Darkness!  May Your Name be praised now and forever.  Amen."

Monday, May 27, 2019

What About the Seven?

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Jesus told them this story: A prince once went to a foreign country to be crowned king and then to return.  But before leaving, he called in ten servants and gave each of them some money. He told them, "Use this to earn more money until I get back."  But the people of his country hated him, and they sent messengers to the foreign country to say, "We don't want this man to be our king."  After the prince had been made king, he returned and called in his servants. He asked them how much they had earned with the money they had been given.  The first servant came and said, "Sir, with the money you gave me I have earned ten times as much."  "That's fine, my good servant!" the king said. "Since you have shown that you can be trusted with a small amount, you will be given ten cities to rule."  The second one came and said, "Sir, with the money you gave me, I have earned five times as much."  The king said, "You will be given five cities."  Another servant came and said, "Sir, here is your money. I kept it safe in a handkerchief.

Luke 19:12-20

The prince in this story gave money to 10 servants, but the story tells us what happened to only 3 of the 10!  One increased his money 1000 percent.  Another made five times as much as he was given.  And one did nothing with what he was given.

But what about the other 7?  I wonder what they did with their money and what response the "now," king gave them after he returned?  

When God gives you something it is up to you to "do business" with what He has given you.  Quite obviously, the seven servants did something with what God gave them.  If not, why were they not included in the judgment upon the servant who indeed did nothing with the money?

God is not pleased when you do nothing with what He gives you.  But the Bible does not say that God loves you more if you do more for Him.  This story does say that if you do more with what God has given you, He will reward you with more responsibility!  

Don't hide what God has given you just to keep it safe.  Invest His gift to you in the lives of others and proclaim and show every day that Jesus is the Lord of your life!  

This story about the 10 servants is telling you to do something with God's gift to you.  When you do, God will give you more with which to bless others and declare His Glory!

"Lord Jesus, show me today how to use what You have given me to be a blessing to You and others.  Praise Your Holy Name now and forever, Amen."   

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Full-time Fellowship With Jesus!

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As Jesus was walking along the shore of Lake Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew. They were fishermen and were casting their nets into the lake.  Jesus said to them, "Come with me! I will teach you how to bring in people instead of fish."  Right then the two brothers dropped their nets and went with him.  Jesus walked on and soon saw James and John, the sons of Zebedee. They were in a boat, mending their nets.  At once Jesus asked them to come with him. They left their father in the boat with the hired workers and went with him.

Mark 1:16-20

When you decide to follow Jesus there will always be something or someone you will leave behind.  James and John left their father Zebedee in the boat with hired workers and what must have been the family fishing business.

There certainly was more to the stories of these men who left everything to follow Jesus.  Perhaps in Heaven we can listen to them fill in the blanks of what the Bible doesn't say about it.  But it does say that they left their father, Zebedee and the business to follow Jesus.

If you are a follower of Jesus, what have you left behind in order to follow Him?  Everyone leaves something behind when they choose Jesus.

What you leave is what you would be doing with the time you now spend with Jesus as His disciple.  If you spend very little time in fellowship with Jesus, then perhaps you have left little to follow Him.  If you spend much time in the loving embrace of the Son of God, then you have left much to be with Him.

The reality of your relationship with Jesus can be judged by what you don't do in order to be with Him.  

Before my wife and I were married my mother complained that I spent so very much time with my soon to be bride. I was in the process of leaving my mother and father and being joined to my wife for the next 50 plus years, and I was overjoyed at the prospect of a life with her!

When you decide to follow Jesus Christ, you will leave many things behind!  You will leave the world and it's promise of prosperity and earthly peace.  You will leave "success" in exchange for doing the will of Jesus no matter how the results of that effort might be judged.

Look at what you left behind to be with Jesus.  Joyfully consider what else you might walk away from in order to spend more time with Him!  Remember, that Heaven will be Full-time Fellowship with Jesus!

"Lord Jesus, show me something today that I can abandon so I can spend that time with You.  And may Your Holy and Righteous Name be Praised now and forever, Amen!"


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Road to Powerful Prayer


If you are a husband, you should be thoughtful of your wife. Treat her with  honor, because she isn't as strong as you are, and she shares with you in the gift of life.  Then nothing will stand in the way of your prayers.

1 Peter 3:7

Did you know that if you want to become a mighty man of prayer and you have a wife, there is no way to do it without honoring and being thoughtful of your wife!

Eve was God's gift to Adam and your wife is God's gift to you!  It may not sound politically correct, but God created Eve to be a helper and blessing to Adam. 

If you have a wife, God has given you a great gift!  God created your wife to give you what you need, including many things you need but may not really want! If you love and honor your wife God will bless you for it.  Perhaps the greatest blessing for a husband is that when he takes care of and honors the woman that God has given him to walk beside during this life, that man will have nothing stand in the way of his prayers!

Show me a man whose prayer life is powerful and I will show you a man who loves and takes good care of his wife!  

Don't forget that caring for your wife is the road to an intimate relationship with God in prayer! Seek to take care of and honor your wife and you will be blessed with a powerful life of prayer!

"Lord Jesus, help me to honor and care for my wife so that my prayers will not be hindered.  Praise Your Holy and Righteous Name, now and forever.  Amen."   

Monday, May 20, 2019

Many People to Forgive


God loves you and has chosen you as his own special people. So  be gentle, kind, humble, meek and patient.  Put up with each other, and forgive anyone who does you wrong, just as Christ has forgiven you.  Love is more important than anything else.  It is what ties everything completely together.  Each one of you is part of the body of Christ, and you were chosen to live together in peace.  So let the peace that comes from Christ control your thoughts.  And be grateful.

Colossians 3:12-15

The goal of every Christian should be, that he or she will become more like Jesus every day.  So don't be surprised when Holy Spirit leads you into situations where you are mistreated and wronged just like Jesus!

As a Christ follower, you will have many people to forgive.  And the wrongs against you may be very serious, but every time you forgive someone who sins against you, you are taking another step toward being "like Christ."

It may indeed be that is why sin is allowed to continue on planet earth in the days before the return of Jesus.  Our course of instruction in how to be like Jesus must include: "Forgiveness when you are wronged!"

In your quest to be like Jesus don't forget the "Take up your cross and follow me" study!  It is all designed to continue to make you into the image of Jesus Himself!

"Thank You Jesus for allowing me to experience being wronged like You were.  And thank You for giving me the opportunity to forgive those who sinned against me.  Praise Your Holy and Righteous Name, now and forever.  Amen."  

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sorrow Without Fear

I think I ought to send my dear friend Epaphroditus back to you. He is a follower and a worker and a soldier of the Lord, just as I am.  You sent him to look after me, but now he is eager to see you.  He is worried, because you heard he was sick.  In fact, he was very sick and almost died.  But God was kind to him, and also to me, and He kept me from being burdened down with sorrow.

Philippians 2:25-27

The Philippian Christians sent Epaphroditus to be with Paul while he was in prison.  But while Epaphroditus was there he got sick and almost died.  

Paul admitted that if his friend had died, he would have been burdened down with sorrow.  
If the "great" Apostle Paul considered the death of someone close to him to be a sorrowful burden, I should not assume it would be any different today.

As followers of Jesus we should not grieve as those who "have no hope."  But death is a separation that cuts off communication with someone we love until the day we cross over to be with Jesus forever.

According to Paul, sorrow is a burden.  We must bear each other's burdens, especially sorrow as we wait for His coming or our going!  

When someone you love dies, the pain in your heart is not a part time problem.  When you wake you are immediately reminded of the absence of your loved one.  And all through the day and night you can feel the pain and sorrow!

Jesus doesn't always take away the grief and pain, but He does remove the fear of death and the prospect of what comes after!  Life without grief and pain is not a promise of God, but life without fear is!  The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear!

"Lord Jesus, thank You for assuring all your followers that even during a time of pain and grief, because of Jesus we have nothing to fear!  Praise Your Holy Name, now and forever, Amen!"  

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Possessed by the Holy Spirit


Let the Spirit change your way of thinking and make you into a new person. You were created to be like God, and so you must please him and be truly holy.

Ephesians 4:23-24

As a follower of Jesus Christ, you are Possessed by the Holy Spirit! That term is usually used to refer to someone who is controlled by Evil!  But in a real sense Christians are "Possessed" by the Holy Spirit.  We allow God's Spirit to live in our hearts and control our thinking and actions.  When someone is possessed by Evil, the life they live is terrifying to those around them, and even for themselves.

But when you are "Possessed" by the Holy Spirit your way of thinking changes and you are made into a new person.  God created you in His own image, and when the Holy Spirit comes into your heart you become more than an image.  You become a person with a mind like Christ and you have the Heart of God!  Even you will see the amazing difference in your life!

"Lord Jesus, change my heart and mind so I can think and feel like You.  May the Holy Spirit possess every part of me so my life will be a reflection of You, every day.  Praise Your Holy and Righteous Name, now and forever, Amen."

Friday, May 17, 2019

Honored By God


God chose you, and we keep praying that God will make you worthy of being his people. We pray for God's power to help you do all the good things that you hope to do and that your faith makes you want to do.  Then, because God and our Lord Jesus Christ are so kind, you will bring honor to the name of our Lord Jesus, and he will bring honor to you.

2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

The Bible says that when you bring honor to God, He will bring honor to you.  There are of course at least two ways to honor God.  The first is what you say to others about Him.  When you tell people about how wonderful, majestic and great God is, you certainly bring honor to Him!  One other way to honor God is to be obedient to Him.  When you do what God tells you to do, those who know that the reason for the life you live is to please God, will also honor Him!

But when you honor God, He will honor you! How does God honor those who follow Jesus?  

God honors you by allowing you to receive the Holy Spirit in your heart!  God honors you by letting you put your hand to the plow that He is pushing through the hardened ground of humanity! God honors you with Peace that no one can understand.

Will other men know that you are honored by God?  Some will know and others will not be able to see or hear the honor God gives you.  But you will know and you will bless His Holy Name!  

When you are honored by God it is not like being honored by men.  Men will honor you with praise and maybe a trophy.  God will honor you by allowing you to walk with Jesus and work with Him by the Power of the Holy Spirit living in your heart!

"Lord Jesus, I seek to honor You because You deserve all praise and glory, and I am honored to serve and praise You now and forever.  Amen."

Thursday, May 16, 2019

God's Great White


I saw a great white throne with someone sitting on it. Earth and heaven tried to run away, but there was no place for them to go.  I also saw all the dead people standing in front of that throne. Every one of them was there, no matter who they had once been. Several books were opened, and then the book of life was opened. The dead were judged by what those books said they had done.  The sea gave up the dead people who were in it, and death and its kingdom also gave up their dead. Then everyone was judged by what they had done.  Afterwards, death and its kingdom were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death.  Anyone whose name wasn't written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.

Revelation 20:11-15

If you go to Hell, you will absolutely know why! Every man and woman who has ever lived will stand before the "Great White Throne" and listen as their lives are judged by what "the books" say they have done!  

It will be a total failure for everyone who stands there and is judged by his own deeds!  

But there will also be at the Great White Throne a group of men and women who had faith in Jesus Christ and gave their hearts completely to Him!  They will be judged by what is written in "The Book of Life." If your name is written in the Book of Life, you will be judged by what Jesus did, not by what you did on this earth!

That is the Good News of the Bible.  You made the debt with your sin, and Jesus paid the debt for your sin!  

"Lord Jesus, thank You for the Book of Life and thank You for putting the names of those who have faith in You in it.  May Your Name be praised now and forever, Amen."

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Even My Heart

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God did not turn his back on his chosen people. Don't you remember reading in the Scriptures how Elijah complained to God about the people of Israel?  He said, "Lord, they killed your prophets and destroyed your altars. I am the only one left, and now they want to kill me."  But the Lord told Elijah, "I still have seven thousand followers who have not worshiped Baal."

Romans 11:2-4

Elijah looked around at the people of Israel and saw no one who followed God!  He was really discouraged.  

But when God looked at that same group of people, He saw 7000 who were still faithful!  The Bible says that God looks at a man’s heart. We do not have the ability to do that.  

We can ask God to show us what He sees in a man’s heart.  How many times have you discovered that a man you thought you knew well was not pure in his heart?  

The truth is that we not only deceive each other about the condition of our hearts, but we also deceive  ourselves!  

Ask the Lord to let you see other men as He sees them.  But even more importantly, ask Him to let you see your own heart as He sees it!  

God is the only one who can really see what is going on in a man’s heart.  Jesus is the only one, through His Blood on the Cross, who can make your heart new and clean forever!  

“Lord Jesus, I can’t trust what I see, but I can trust everything You see to be completely and totally true!  Lord, let me see hearts as You see them, even my heart Lord.  May Your Holy and Righteous Name be praised now and forever.  Amen.”  

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tour of the Heart of God

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In everything we have won more than a victory because of Christ who loves us.  I am sure that nothing can separate us from God's love--not life or death, not angels or spirits, not the present or the future, and not powers above or powers below. Nothing in all creation can separate us from God's love for us in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Romans 8:37-39

When a young man "falls in love" with a young woman, the relationship is not about, and does not require physical intimacy. Love is all about caring for someone else more than you care for yourself!  

The foundation of that love is the willingness to give your life for the one you love.  For a man it is all about what he can do to fulfill the needs of the woman he loves.

He desires to supply her every need and all of her wants, if he possibly can!  That kind of love can endure all kinds of difficulties, stresses and pressures of life.  

Jesus loves you, and that is a fact.  Jesus loves you like a young man loves a young woman and is willing to do anything and everything for her.  Jesus was willing to die for you, and He did it!

It has been rightfully said that Christianity is not about a religion, but rather about a relationship.  

When a man loves his wife as God intends, he gets a tour of the Heart of God!  When a woman respects her God fearing husband, as is the will of God, she gets to see a picture of what it means to be loved by God Himself!

"Lord Jesus, open my heart and mind to the perfect love that You have for me!  You have made me in Your image, but I want also to live like and even feel like You as I walk through this world.  Praise Your Holy and Righteous name, now and forever.  Amen!"

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Work With God

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Every time I think of you, I thank my God.  And whenever I mention you in my prayers, it makes me happy.  This is because you have taken part with me in spreading the good news from the first day you heard about it.  God is the one who began this good work in you, and I am certain that he won't stop before it is complete on the day that Christ Jesus returns.  You have a special place in my heart. So it is only natural for me to feel the way I do. All of you have helped in the work that God has given me, as I defend the good news and tell about it here in jail.  God himself knows how much I want to see you. He knows that I care for you in the same way that Christ Jesus does.  I pray that your love will keep on growing and that you will fully know and understand how to make the right choices. Then you will still be pure and innocent when Christ returns. And until that day,  Jesus Christ will keep you busy doing good deeds that bring glory and praise to God.

Philippians 1:3-11

Followers of Jesus Christ don't work for God, they work with God!  There is a big difference.  When you work for someone, anyone, you are told what to do and expected to complete each assigned task!

That is not the way it is when you are a Christian.  God begins the "work" in you, and He also gives you His Holy Spirit to empower you to be able to accomplish it!  He also keeps working with you to the very end!

In the moments before the return of Jesus to Planet Earth, His followers will be putting their hands to the plow of proclaiming His Message and encouraging others to give their hearts to Jesus!

In a basketball game, when the buzzer sounds the game is over.  When you hear the sound of the Trumpet as Jesus arrives then you can stop the work He has called you to do with His help!

"Lord Jesus, even if Your return is today, show me what You will help me do with You in the hours that are left.  Praise Your Holy Name now and forever. Amen."

Saturday, May 11, 2019


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You can be certain that in the last days there will be some very hard times.  People will love only themselves and money. They will be proud, stuck-up, rude, and disobedient to their parents. They will also be ungrateful, godless, heartless, and hateful. Their words will be cruel, and they will have no self-control or pity. These people will hate everything that is good.  They will be sneaky, reckless, and puffed up with pride. Instead of loving God, they will love pleasure.  Even though they will make a show of being religious, their religion won't be real. Don't have anything to do with such people.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

One reason "times" are hard is the people who live during them!  The last days before the return of Jesus will be populated by many people who will hate everything that is good and will love pleasure instead of loving God!  They will want everyone to think they are followers of the Lord, but truthfully they won't be Christians at all.

These verses do not say that we should reach out to these people and minister to them.  Rather they say that we should avoid such people and have nothing to do with them!  

Satan would like for you to spend all your time "ministering" to make believe Christians rather than spreading the Gospel to everyone on earth who has not heard the message!

Don't be side tracked from spreading the message of Jesus by those who make a show of being religious, but their religion is not real.

"Lord Jesus, every day is the "last day" for someone.  Help me to tell your message to someone today and not be distracted by those who only pretend to know You.  May Your Holy Name be praised now and forever.  Amen."

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Promised Life

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From Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus. God himself chose me to be an apostle, and he gave me the promised life that Jesus Christ makes possible.

2 Timothy 1:1

What is the "Promised Life" that Jesus makes possible?  How is it different from the ordinary life of the ordinary human being? 

The promised life, of course is Eternal Life but Jesus promises us a life here that is quite different from the one we would live without knowing Him!

When you live your life without Jesus, the promise of Heaven is not there. Without Jesus you don't know that everything will work together for good. Without Jesus your life will not be guided by the Holy Spirit who lives in your heart!

Even with Jesus in your heart you will have troubles, and life will not be easy, but Jesus will enable you to face every difficulty, and even death itself with Peace that no one can understand.  Usually, even you will not understand.  But you will rest in that peace and be calm in the storms of life!

Decide today to turn your heart completely to Jesus and trust Him to provide you with the ability to live the "Promised Life" in peace.

"Lord Jesus, I know that everything that I can do for You is because of everything You did for me!  You are the source of everything Good and Right in my life.  Praise Your Holy Name now and forever. Amen."

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Most Amazing Miracle

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God made great and marvelous promises, so that his nature would become part of us. Then we could escape our evil desires and the corrupt influences of this world.

2 Peter 1:4

When you realize that the promises of God are true, it changes the way that you look at the world around you. Every answered prayer is a miracle right before your eyes!

Perhaps the most amazing miracle of all is that the Nature of God becomes part of us!  We begin to do things that only God would do, and we begin to feel things that only God would feel.  

It is a flash of reality that is truly mind boggling. You see and feel like God, through His Holy Spirit working in your heart and mind. You have seen the difference Jesus can make in a life turned to Him, but when you begin to see that difference in your own heart what a glorious day that is!

Every man is a prisoner of sin in this world.  But when you discover that Jesus has opened the door wide to your prison cell, your heart is flooded with wonder and praise for the One who did it all!

Your old nature wants to disobey and run away from Jesus.  The new Nature that He puts in your heart gives you the desire to obey Him and run to Jesus! 

" Lord Jesus, put Your Nature in my heart and let me see that You have done it!  Give me the desire to obey You and always run to You and not away.  Praise Your Holy Name now and forever.  Amen."  

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Small Taste of Heaven

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Then I heard what seemed to be a large crowd that sounded like a roaring flood and loud thunder all mixed together. They were saying, "Praise the Lord! Our Lord God All-Powerful now rules as king.  So we will be glad and happy and give him praise. The wedding day of the Lamb is here, and his bride is ready.

Revelation 19:6-7

When you change the definition of marriage, you rob yourself of understanding and even experiencing the reason why God crafted the relationship in the first place! 

The joy of Jesus on that wedding day of the Lamb could not be imagined without knowing what we know of marriage on this earth between a man and a woman!

And the joy His people will experience when they are with Him forever is like a bride here on earth!  

Obviously I have never been a bride, but I have been a groom and I know that joy!  I know that nothing else on earth compares to that experience.  I know that Jesus desires to have His bride with Him forever.

Marriage on this earth is "until death us do part."  There is no death in Heaven so our union with Christ will be forever!

You may be getting old on this earth, and you may already be tired, but get ready for the Wedding!  It will come soon and it will be better than anything you could ever imagine here on earth.

"Thank You Jesus for letting us experience marriage on this earth so we can have a 'Taste of Heaven' before that Day arrives.  May Your Name be praised now and forever.  Amen."

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Tragedy Transformed Into Triumph

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When the Spirit is given to us from heaven, deserts will become orchards thick as fertile forests.  Honesty and justice will prosper there, and justice will produce lasting peace and security.  You, the LORD's people, will live in peace, calm and secure, even if hailstones flatten forests and cities.  You will have God's blessing, as you plant your crops beside streams, while your donkeys and cattle roam freely about.

Isaiah 32:15-20

When the Holy Spirit enters the world, and even more importantly, your heart everything will change! The hot, dry and barren parts of your heart and life will receive life-giving water from above!  Seeds that had been planted in your mind, even years ago will begin to grow and become lush vegetation!

The Spirit of God will enable God's people to live in peace, calm and secure!   Even when you see tragedy and turmoil all around you, your heart will remain at rest.  The threat of death will not steal your peaceful sleep.
The Spirit of the Living God living in your heart transforms the Ultimate Tragedy into the Ultimate Triumph!

"Lord Jesus, when You send Your Holy Spirit into my heart, nothing else matters in life today or Eternity tomorrow!  You are all I need now and forever.  Praise Your Holy Name.  Amen."

Friday, May 3, 2019

The Last Battle

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A war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels were fighting against the dragon and its angels.  But the dragon lost the battle. It and its angels were forced out of their places in heaven and were thrown down to the earth. Yes, that old snake and his angels were thrown out of heaven! That snake, who fools everyone on earth, is known as the devil and Satan.  Then I heard a voice from heaven shout, "Our God has shown his saving power, and his kingdom has come! God's own Chosen One has shown his authority. Satan accused our people in the presence of God day and night. Now he has been thrown out!  Our people defeated Satan because of the blood of the Lamb and the message of God. They were willing to give up their lives.  The heavens should rejoice, together with everyone who lives there. But pity the earth and the sea, because the devil was thrown down to the earth. He knows his time is short, and he is very angry."

Revelation 12:7-12

The Battle that you are having with Satan right now is part of a War that began long ago when the Dragon and his angels were thrown out of Heaven!

God threw Satan out of Heaven and banished him to earth, where the struggle continues to this day.  When Jesus died on the Cross He paid the price for Sin.  Jesus' death and resurrection made Satan powerless to defeat those who are Christ Followers!

The Holy Spirit empowered Christians to engage the Enemy and stop him at every turn!

So don't think it strange that you are still battling the Devil.  When you decided to follow Jesus, you signed up to fight in the Battle of Eternity.  The Good News is that the Winner of the War was decided when Jesus gave Himself for you.  And the End of all War is now in sight!  Come quickly Lord Jesus!

"Lord Jesus, thank You for letting me be a soldier in the War that will come to an end when You come to earth again!  Praise Your Holy Name now and forever.  Amen."