Friday, January 4, 2013

Perfect Storm, Perfect Lord!

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Our ancestors sinned,

but they are dead,

and we are left to pay

for their sins.

Slaves are now our rulers,

and there is no one

to set us free.

Lamentations 5:7-8

There are sins that one generation passes on to the next. There are also blessings that come from those who walked before you. We cannot change the inheritance we have received from those who went before us, but we can change what we leave for those who come after.

Even children who are adopted into a new family and have no contact with their birth parents bring with them a legacy of physical, mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

You cannot change the inheritance given to you by your fore fathers, but you do have power over the inheritance you leave to those who come after. If the story of your life is one of failure in the things that really matter that legacy will live on long past your days here on this earth. But if your story is one of turning to Jesus in spite of all the problems, difficulties and even failures you will be remembered as an inspiration to many who will come after. The message of your life will proclaim the hope that God can change a man or woman and restore that which was lost.

If you could choose between being rich and leaving your children vast amounts of wealth or you could leave them with the hope that the Perfect Lord can calm even the Perfect Storm in the life of someone who turns to Jesus, which would you choose?

There are no "happily ever after" stories that involve large sums of money. The only happily ever after story is the story of a man or woman who lets Jesus take control! Everyone who comes to Jesus and gives Him control of his or her life will be blessed forever! And those who come after will be blessed as well.

"Lord, I choose You and not the world. I choose to let You direct my steps and show me the way to go every minute of every day. May I leave a legacy for those who come after me that points them to Jesus as the answer to every problem and source of every good gift. And Lord, I ask you this in His name, Amen!"

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