Monday, January 30, 2017

The Final Act!

After this, I looked at the sky and saw something else that was strange and important. Seven angels were bringing the last seven terrible troubles. When these are ended, God will no longer be angry.  Then I saw something that looked like a glass sea mixed with fire, and people were standing on it. They were the ones who had defeated the beast and the idol and the number that tells the name of the beast. God had given them harps, and they were singing the song that his servant Moses and the Lamb had sung. They were singing, "Lord God All-Powerful, you have done great and marvelous things. You are the ruler of all nations, and you do what is right and fair.  Lord, who doesn't honor and praise your name? You alone are holy, and all nations will come and worship you, because you have shown that you judge with fairness."

Revelation 15: 1 - 4

The Power of Almighty God is beyond the imagination of man!  You cannot think of something that God cannot do!  The final act to the Play called Humanity will be when everyone will bow down and worship before Him!  You will have no choice in the End.  You will prostrate yourself before God Almighty.  It is now that you have a choice.  You can choose to let Him have His way with your life or you can choose to ignore the pleadings of the Holy Spirit and walk the way of your flesh!  

Even though evil is now running free in this world, in the End it will lose.  As you see violence and injustice all around, let your heart be at peace because of the Word that God has lovingly made available to all who trust Him!  There is no doubt about how the contest between Righteousness and Evil will end.  Good wins and bad looses.  You can bank on it!

“Lord Jesus, may the Good News of Your life overwhelm my heart and mind today, even as the world seems to spin out of control.  May You Jesus be praised now and forever.  Amen.” 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Obedience and Prayer!

"Do you really love life? Do you want to be happy? Then stop saying cruel things and quit telling lies.  Give up your evil ways and do right, as you find and follow the road that leads to peace.  The Lord watches over everyone who obeys him, and he listens to their prayers. But he opposes everyone who does evil."

1 Peter 3: 10 - 12

One of the blessings of obedience to God is that He has promised to listen to your prayers!  I suppose that means that the prayers of the disobedient are not heard by God.  So if you are walking in disobedience to God, you may say “God didn’t answer my prayer,” when the truth is that God didn’t hear your prayer!  

It is not how much you pray, but how much you obey that makes the difference.  When you set your hands to do the Will of God, He sets His ears to listen to your pleas!  So instead of trying to be a better “pray-er,” devote yourself to becoming a better “obey-er.”   Then you will find the ears of God always turned toward you and His hands working in response to your prayers!

“Lord Jesus, teach me to pray, but even more importantly, teach me to obey Your every desire!  Give me a heart that is ready to respond to every Word You utter!  And may You Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Substitute Savior!

I, the LORD, have put a curse on those who turn from me and trust in human strength.  They will dry up like a bush in salty desert soil, where nothing can grow.  But I will bless those who trust me.  They will be like trees growing beside a stream-- trees with roots that reach down to the water, and with leaves that are always green. They bear fruit every year and are never worried by a lack of rain.

Jeremiah 17: 5 - 9

When men turn away from God they almost always begin to trust in human strength.  They trust in their own strength or in the strength of another man who becomes a substitute savior!  I have never heard someone proclaim that they trust in Satan to help them, heal them, or provide for their needs.  We turn to ourselves or another man to do that.

So, if you examine your heart and find that you are trusting in yourself or another human being about anything in your life, that is a place where you need to repent.  The first place repentance is needed in the lives of most followers of Jesus is where they have stopped trusting God and started trusting themselves or some other man instead of God!

“Lord Jesus, show me today where I am not trusting You and give me the courage to confess my sin and repent!  May You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.” 

Friday, January 27, 2017

What Makes a Nation Great?

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The LORD says: Don't brag about your wisdom or strength or wealth.  If you feel you must brag, then have enough sense to brag about worshiping me, the LORD. What I like best is showing kindness, justice, and mercy to everyone on earth.  Someday I will punish the nations of Egypt, Edom, Ammon, and Moab, and the tribes of the desert. The men of these nations are circumcised, but they don't worship me. And it's the same with you people of Judah. Your bodies are circumcised, but your hearts are unchanged.

Jeremiah 9: 23 - 26

What makes a nation, any nation great?  Is it wisdom?  Is the nation whose people have the most education the greatest?  What about military strength?  Is the greatest nation the one that has the most nuclear bombs and the biggest armed forces?  Is it money?  If you are the wealthiest nation on earth are you by default the greatest?  The answer to those questions is that wisdom, strength and wealth, in and of themselves do not make a nation great!  A great nation may have those things, but they are not the essence of the nation’s greatness.

A truly great nation is one that worships the Lord, God and shows kindness, justice and mercy to everyone on earth!   A nation with many religions cannot please God.  As Joshua told the people of Israel, “Choose this day who you will serve!”  If you are a nation “under God” then serve and worship Him.  If your choice is other than God Almighty, you can look to other gods for help and blessings.

“Lord Jesus, I pray that You will give me the courage to worship only You!  And Lord help me to show kindness, justice and mercy to everyone on earth.  May You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”  

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Heavenly Minded!

The angel showed me a river that was crystal clear, and its waters gave life. The river came from the throne where God and the Lamb were seated.  Then it flowed down the middle of the city's main street. On each side of the river are trees that grow a different kind of fruit each month of the year. The fruit gives life, and the leaves are used as medicine to heal the nations.  God's curse will no longer be on the people of that city. He and the Lamb will be seated there on their thrones, and its people will worship God and will see him face to face. God's name will be written on the foreheads of the people.  Never again will night appear, and no one who lives there will ever need a lamp or the sun. The Lord God will be their light, and they will rule forever.

Revelation 22: 1 - 5

These words come from the very last chapter in the Bible.  They give a keyhole glimpse of the eternal dwelling place for those who turn their hearts to Jesus while living on this earth.  

It is a place of life and wellness.  There will be no death there and the future will be one of total joy and peace for those who come to that place! 

The curse that came to the earth after the sin of Adam and Eve will not touch Heaven!  If you are a follower of Jesus, you may be saying, “I have heard all that before!”  And I am sure you have, but I just want to encourage you to think about it again!  In fact, you should think about Heaven as much as you can!  

Someone once said that: “Some Christians are so Heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good!”  Really, that is truthful and in every way accurate.  And, my friend it is a good thing to be so Heavenly minded that you are of “No earthly good.”  A heart focused on Heaven will draw many men to Jesus, but a heart only looking at the things of this earth will not!  If you could choose between a guaranteed 100 years on this earth or an Eternity in Heaven what would your choice be? 

Of course, the Holy Spirit will lead you to do good to all men, but Jesus didn’t come to make this earth into a wonderful utopia.  Jesus came to save the souls of men and gather them to Himself in Heaven for Eternity!  

“Lord Jesus, help me today to be Heavenly Minded about everything!  And may You, Jesus be praised now and forever.  Amen.” 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Not Everyone Gets the Same Trophy!

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God's people must learn to endure. They must also obey his commands and have faith in Jesus. Then I heard a voice from heaven say, "Put this in writing. From now on, the Lord will bless everyone who has faith in him when they die." The Spirit answered, "Yes, they will rest from their hard work, and they will be rewarded for what they have done."

Revelation 14: 12 - 13

It is a wonderful thing that we are not saved because of our own works!  If our salvation was based on our own efforts, then no one would be saved.  The debt that you owe because of your sin, to the bank of Justice is greater than anyone, other than Jesus could ever pay!  

Even though we are not saved by our works, as followers of Jesus, He gives us tasks for every day, and even every moment of every day!  Some think that since we are not saved by our works, that we don’t have to work.  That is totally opposite from the truth!  A man or woman saved by the Blood of Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit will be constantly engaged in doing the Will of God!    

He or she will work more than anyone else!  And yes, these verses in Revelation say that they will be rewarded for what they have done!  Heaven is not an “Everyone gets the same trophy” place!  What you do here will make an difference in Heaven.  Your work here will not get you in to Heaven, but you will be rewarded for what you did here, when you get there!

“Lord Jesus, thank You for making it possible for me to live with You forever in Heaven!  Show me today the things that You have planned for me to do.  And may You Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”

Monday, January 23, 2017

When God is Silent!

When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.  I noticed that the seven angels who stood before God were each given a trumpet.  Another angel, who had a gold container for incense, came and stood at the altar. This one was given a lot of incense to offer with the prayers of God's people on the gold altar in front of the throne.  Then the smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God's people, went up to God from the hand of the angel.

Revelation 8: 1 - 4

If a day is the same as a thousand years, then half an hour in Heaven could feel like 21 years here on earth!  

Sometimes it does seem like Heaven is silent.  You hear nothing from God even though you know, by faith that He is and has not forsaken you.  You can be certain, however that silence in Heaven only lasts for a short time, and then the thunder of God’s voice will roll across the earth again as the prayers of God’s people go up before the Throne!

Treasure the times of silence, because it is then that you can live every moment by the faith that God has given you.  During times of God’s silence you will see that the greatest evidence of God will be the love He has put in your heart!

When God is silent His eyes are focused on you to watch your faith at work!  You can rest assured that the times of miracles will return as Heaven speaks again to the things of earth!

“Lord Jesus, I do want to hear Your voice, but I know by faith that You are working even when You are silent.  May You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Prize for You in Heaven!

Praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is so good, and by raising Jesus from death, he has given us new life and a hope that lives on.   God has something stored up for you in heaven, where it will never decay or be ruined or disappear.  You have faith in God, whose power will protect you until the last day. Then he will save you, just as he has always planned to do.

1 Peter 1: 3 - 5

When my children were small they would always ask me a question when I came home, if I had to be away for a few days.  The question was this: “Did you bring me a prize?”  

I suppose you would call it a “tradition” that I would try to bring something for my children when I came back.  I don’t think I did it every time I was away, but it was very special when I did.

Did you know that God has a prize stored up for you in heaven?  And it will never decay, be ruined or disappear.  I don’t suppose the Bible says, but I like to think that God has a "special" prize for me, not like the one He has for His other children, but one just for me. 

Can you imagine that after you cross over into the Eternal bliss of Heaven, Jesus tells you to come with Him because He wants to show you something.  Then a glorious and marvelous sight appears before your face and Jesus says, “This is for you!”

“Lord Jesus, I truly can’t imagine what You have stored up in Heaven for me!  But help me to wait patiently for that day when You show me what You have prepared for me in Heaven.  May You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”  

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Revelation 12

Something important appeared in the sky. It was a woman whose clothes were the sun. The moon was under her feet, and a crown made of twelve stars was on her head.  She was about to give birth, and she was crying because of the great pain.  Something else appeared in the sky. It was a huge red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, and a crown on each of its seven heads.  With its tail, it dragged a third of the stars from the sky and threw them down to the earth. Then the dragon turned toward the woman, because it wanted to eat her child as soon as it was born.  The woman gave birth to a son, who would rule all nations with an iron rod. The boy was snatched away. He was taken to God and placed on his throne.  The woman ran into the desert to a place that God had prepared for her. There she would be taken care of for one thousand two hundred sixty days.  A war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels were fighting against the dragon and its angels.  But the dragon lost the battle. It and its angels were forced out of their places in heaven and were thrown down to the earth. Yes, that old snake and his angels were thrown out of heaven! That snake, who fools everyone on earth, is known as the devil and Satan.  Then I heard a voice from heaven shout, "Our God has shown his saving power, and his kingdom has come! God's own Chosen One has shown his authority. Satan accused our people in the presence of God day and night. Now he has been thrown out!   Our people defeated Satan because of the blood of the Lamb and the message of God. They were willing to give up their lives.   The heavens should rejoice, together with everyone who lives there. But pity the earth and the sea, because the devil was thrown down to the earth. He knows his time is short, and he is very angry."   When the dragon realized that it had been thrown down to the earth, it tried to make trouble for the woman who had given birth to a son.   But the woman was given two wings like those of a huge eagle, so that she could fly into the desert. There she would escape from the snake and be taken care of for a time, two times, and half a time.   The snake then spewed out water like a river to sweep the woman away.  But the earth helped her and swallowed the water that had come from the dragon's mouth.  This made the dragon terribly angry with the woman. So it started a war against the rest of her children. They are the people who obey God and are faithful to what Jesus did and taught.

Revelation 12: 1 - 18

Friday, January 20, 2017

Go With God Not Google!

In the right hand of the one sitting on the throne I saw a scroll that had writing on the inside and on the outside. And it was sealed in seven places.  I saw a mighty angel ask with a loud voice, "Who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals?"   No one in heaven or on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll or see inside it.  I cried hard because no one was found worthy to open the scroll or see inside it.  Then one of the elders said to me, "Stop crying and look! The one who is called both the 'Lion from the Tribe of Judah' and 'King David's Great Descendant' has won the victory. He will open the book and its seven seals."

Revelation 5: 1 - 5

In this day of computers and internet technology we have all come to know that the fastest way to research any subject, is to Google it!  Google is a “search engine” that can almost instantly provide you with hundreds, if not thousands of references on the internet.  I have been using Google for years now, and I am still amazed at how complete and efficient it is!

Google, however is simply a poor imitation of the power of God!  Secrets that have been sealed from the beginning can be searched and opened for your understanding by the power of God!  

The amazing thing is that God doesn’t even have to search for the answers.  He already knows everything that there is to know!  If your question has an answer, it is residing in the mind of God!  

As a little child I believed that my father knew everything!  I was wrong.  My earthly father did not know everything, but my Heavenly Father does!  God knows the past, the present and the future.  He knows every heart and every motive of every man on earth!  

When Google collects lots of information about you and your actions it becomes a fearful thing and can be used to harm you.  But God knows everything about you and yet He loves you and desires that no harm come to you! 

The best advice is this: Go with God, not Google!

“Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me although You know me better than I even know myself!  May You, Jesus be praised now and forever.  Amen.”

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Go With God Not the Governor!

I, the LORD All-Powerful, have something to say to you priests. Children respect their fathers, and servants respect their masters. I am your father and your master, so why don't you respect me? You priests have insulted me, and now you ask, "How did we insult you?"   You embarrass me by offering worthless food on my altar. Then you ask, "How have we embarrassed you?" You have done it by saying, "What's so great about the LORD's altar?"   But isn't it wrong to offer animals that are blind, crippled, or sick? Just try giving those animals to your governor. That certainly wouldn't please him or make him want to help you.   I am the LORD God All-Powerful, and you had better try to please me. You have sinned. Now see if I will have mercy on any of you.

Malachi 1: 6 - 9

When you are rushing to the hospital to save the life of someone who is with you in the car, you have no problem breaking the normal traffic laws, because you respect the “law of life” more than the speed limit.

And when you see clearly that the Will of God contradicts the will of the Government what should you do?  Of course, you ought to  obey God instead of the government, but that is so often not the case.  In the United States we often hear the words, “but that is not Constitutional” when it comes to praying, telling someone else about Jesus, or even quietly reading the Bible in a public place.  And so, many if not most Christians in this country have decided that it is more important to obey the government than to obey God!  There is a verse in the Bible that tells us to obey our leaders, and so we try to hide behind that verse, even if what we are told to do is clearly against the Will of God! 

God tells us to “pray without ceasing,” but men tell us when and where it is acceptable and even legal to pray!  God tells us to “preach the Gospel to everyone,” but there are laws that prohibit doing that in certain places.  I guess the bottom line is to decide which document is more significant: the Bible or the Constitution!  If, for you the Constitution is primary, you will honor it above the Bible and let its precepts limit your obedience to the Word of God.  If the Bible is more important than the Constitution you will honor the man made document and the laws it has generated until they contradict God. Then you will go with God not the Governor!

“Lord Jesus, give me the courage to do everything you have called me to do and be.  May my only fear be that I might not do Your Will!  Praise Your Holy Name forever.  Amen.”  

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Legacy Destroyed!

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 I, the LORD God, will protect Jerusalem. Even the weakest person there will be as strong as David, and David's kingdom will rule as though my very own angel were its leader.  I am determined to wipe out every nation that attacks Jerusalem.  I, the LORD, will make the descendants of David and the people of Jerusalem feel deep sorrow and pray when they see the one they pierced with a spear. They will mourn and weep for him, as parents weep over the death of their only child or their first-born.

Zechariah 12: 8 - 10

It is very curious that only a few weeks after the United States moved to officially set itself against Israel by abstaining from a Security Counsel vote instead of vetoing it, the leader who made that decision will have his legacy wiped out by the incoming President!  

God has a way of being true to His Word no matter how long ago that Word was first uttered!  The vote that America did not shut down, was one that declared parts of Jerusalem to be illegitimately “occupied” by Israel.  That is by any measure, stepping way over the line of offense to God!  

For those of us who are Americans, it might truthfully be said that the country we have been for the past eight years will be wiped out on January 20, 2017.  The continued warning is this: The United States must continue to move back toward God and honor Him in every way possible.  If that is not what happens and Israel continues to be or becomes our foe, we will lose the amazing blessings from God that have been showered on us for more than 200 years!

Don’t forget that Revival begins in the heart of one person!  The way to change your home, community, nation and the whole world is to let the Holy Spirit have His way in your heart and become everything He wants you to be today!  

“Lord Jesus, may I be totally committed to You this day and every day forward for the rest of my life!  Show me today, my part in fulfilling Your Will on this earth!  And may You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”   

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vision From God!

While standing guard on the watchtower, I waited for the LORD's answer, before explaining the reason for my complaint.  Then the LORD told me: "I will give you my message in the form of a vision. Write it clearly enough to be read at a glance.   At the time I have decided, my words will come true. You can trust what I say about the future. It may take a long time, but keep on waiting-- it will happen!

Habakkuk 2: 1 - 3

Have you ever seen the message of the Lord in the form of a vision?  I suppose that would be the case when the Word of the Lord creates in your “mind’s eye” a picture of what is going to happen as the Will of God is fulfilled on the earth!  Perhaps He does that because it is easier to remember what you see than the things you only hear!  

Have you ever looked into the sky and imagined that you saw the return of Jesus?  If you believe that He will return, but have never thought about what it will be like when He does, I would highly recommend it.  Letting your mind embrace the promises of God for the future is in every way a good thing!  

A continual vision of the things of God that are to come will help you to be ready for that day when it arrives!  Let your mind be always distracted by the promises of God and your heart be filled with a longing for what is to come!

“Lord Jesus, help me to look to the sky today with a vision of Your return!  May You, Jesus be praised now and forever.  Amen.”

Friday, January 6, 2017

Seek God Not Gold!

I am not complaining about having too little. I have learned to be satisfied with whatever I have.  I know what it is to be poor or to have plenty, and I have lived under all kinds of conditions. I know what it means to be full or to be hungry, to have too much or too little.  Christ gives me the strength to face anything.

Philippians 4: 11 - 13

It is the problem of having too much!

As human beings, we are tempted to think that the worst human condition of man is being poor.  And that the best thing to happen to a man is to become rich.  Truthfully, that is exactly backwards, and here is why.

When you have more than you need in this life you are continually tempted to believe that you have no need for God!  A rich man, quite naturally depends on his riches.  But when you are poor and continually in need, you have plenty of reason to call out to God for help!  When you store up lots of things in this life, you can ignore your desperate need of God.  

But when you see how needy you are, and call out to Him for your daily needs, you are constantly reminded of your dependence on the God who made you!  

Seek God not Gold and trust Him to give you what you need.  You will never regret it and you will have all your "real" needs met in Jesus, now and forever.

“Thank you Jesus, for being the source of everything I need now and always.  Praise Your Holy Name!  Amen.”

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Entitlement of Heaven!

God is the one who makes us patient and cheerful. I pray that he will help you live at peace with each other, as you follow Christ.  Then all of you together will praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Honor God by accepting each other, as Christ has accepted you.  I tell you that Christ came as a servant of the Jews to show that God has kept the promises he made to their famous ancestors. Christ also came, so that the Gentiles would praise God for being kind to them. It is just as the Scriptures say, "I will tell the nations about you, and I will sing praises to your name."  The Scriptures also say to the Gentiles, "Come and celebrate with God's people."  Again the Scriptures say, "Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles. All you nations, come and worship him."

Romans 15: 5 - 11

If you are not a Jew, you need to know that Jesus came to this earth for you as well!  Jesus is indeed the Jewish Messiah, but He also showed kindness to you so that you would praise Him as well.  

Jews don’t stand justified before God because of the DNA of their birth.  Jews are justified because of the Cross of Jesus Christ.  That is the same reason Gentiles can expect Heaven to be their Eternal Home!

Yes, God loves Israel and desires that all of the “blood relatives” of Jesus turn their hearts to Him.  But not being Jewish does not limit the love that God has for you!  

God loves you more than you can ever know!  The Creator of all there is has your best interests in His heart!  His agenda for your life is that you become like Jesus who was the Perfect Man!  And when you become like Jesus, you will have Perfect Peace no matter what happens in this life!

Success in life does not depend on who you are and what you do, but rather on who He is and what He did!  Your righteous acts are because you know Jesus, they are not the reason you know Him!  

Jesus didn’t deserve Death on the Cross and you and I don’t deserve Heaven!  But because Jesus got what I deserved, I can receive the entitlement of Heaven!

“Lord Jesus, thank You for dying for Gentiles as well as Jews!  And thank You, Lord that I can receive what only You deserved, a Home with You in Heaven.  May You, Jesus be praised now and forever.  Amen.”

Monday, January 2, 2017

Educated Fools!

My child, you must follow and treasure my teachings and my instructions.  Keep in tune with wisdom and think what it means to have common sense.   Beg as loud as you can for good common sense.   Search for wisdom as you would search for silver or hidden treasure.   Then you will understand what it means to respect and to know the LORD God.  All wisdom comes from the LORD, and so do common sense and understanding.  God gives helpful advice to everyone who obeys him and protects all of those who live as they should.  God sees that justice is done, and he watches over everyone who is faithful to him.  With wisdom you will learn what is right and honest and fair.  Wisdom will control your mind, and you will be pleased with knowledge.

Proverbs 2: 1 - 10

My grandmother used to tell me that there are people who are “educated fools.”  Lots of learning and even degrees of higher education do not insure that you will be wise.  You can know everything, but have no wisdom about how to properly use the knowledge you have.  And also you can know almost “nothing” but have wisdom about everything you do know.

Wisdom does not come from the classroom or from reading books!  Wisdom comes from God.  And these verses in Proverbs 2 say that common sense and understanding also come from the Almighty!  

So if you are foolish, you need to turn your heart to God rather than simply learning more information.  Without a heart that desires to walk with Jesus you will be a foolish man no matter how much you know!

And if you are wise, you need to be warned that one result of turning away from God is that you will become a fool!  And the truth is this: When you reject God in your life you won’t even know that you have become foolish.  You will simply become angry at those who have not also walked away from God!  

“Lord Jesus, draw my heart back to You, so that I might once again be wise!  Without You in my life, I can’t even see that I am not being wise.  May You Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Only One New Year's Resolution!

You will live forever! Years mean nothing to you. Don't cut my life in half!  In the beginning, LORD, you laid the earth's foundation and created the heavens.  They will all disappear and wear out like clothes. You change them, as you would a coat, but you last forever.  You are always the same. Years cannot change you.  Every generation of those who serve you will live in your presence.

Psalm 102: 24 - 28

Many people make New Year’s Resolutions every January 1.  It is a good time to list the changes you want to make in your life during the coming year.  For Christians some of the more common ones might include: More time in Bible study and prayer.  Consistently avoiding a sin that has been difficult to conquer.  And of course, lose weight and get in shape are on almost everyone’s list, at least in the affluent Western world.

Did you know that God never makes New Year’s Resolutions?  The reason is simple: God does not change, because He does not need to change!  God is not getting better and better every year.  God is perfect, and that perfection was and is and always will be!  

Don’t forget that your righteousness and perfection come from Jesus Christ, not from successful New Year’s Resolutions.  Let the love of Jesus change you in the ways that you need to be changed, so that He will get the glory for the person you become.  

Truthfully, for a follower of Jesus there is only one New Year’s Resolution that is necessary!  Resolve to be more yielded to the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life and to be more willing to do the Will of Jesus every day!  That one will cover everything else that is necessary!

“Lord Jesus, I do resolve today to let You truly be the Lord of my life, today and everyday as long as I live!  May You Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”