Friday, September 7, 2018

The Blessing that Lasts Forever

Fig trees may no longer bloom, or vineyards produce grapes; olive trees may be fruitless, and harvest time a failure; sheep pens may be empty, and cattle stalls vacant -- but I will still celebrate because the LORD God saves me.  The LORD gives me strength. He makes my feet as sure as those of a deer, and he helps me stand on the mountains. 

Habakkuk 3 : 17-19

God is a God who blesses His people!  When you take your next breath of air, it is God who deserves the praise and thanks for it!  When you awake in the morning and once again discover that you stayed alive through the night, God deserves the praise!

Praising God when “things” are good on this earth is not so difficult to do.  But praising God and celebrating Him when the trees don’t bloom, the harvest fails and the sheep and cattle are taken away is hard!

We often praise God “for” the material blessings we have received from Him.  But can you praise God without the "reason" of blessings?  Who God is, is the best reason to Praise Him!  

Remember, all the blessings of this earth will one day pass away, as will the Earth itself.  But the blessing of knowing Jesus Christ will last forever and ever!  

“Lord Jesus, You are the Blessing that lasts forever.  You are the only Reason to live and the only Reason I am alive!  May Your Name be praised now and forever.  Amen.”

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