Friday, December 31, 2010

The Jesus Multiplier
John 6:9

Take what you have and give it to Jesus.  That is the lesson of Jesus feeding the large crowds with only enough food for a boy’s lunch.  It is the fallacy of tithing.  If you give only ten percent of what you have to Jesus you severely limit the work of Jesus in your life.  
Those who do not give everything to Jesus are like the farmer who only plants ten percent of his seed on ten percent of his land.  He may be blessed, but how much more richly would he be blessed if he gave it all for the planting!

The multiplier effect of giving what you have to Jesus is beyond calculation.  Did the boy himself get to eat of the food that Jesus multiplied?  Of course he did.  The meal was the first recorded “all you can eat” buffet.  When you give what you have to Jesus the blessing washes back over your life as well.

But never be confused by thinking that giving to Jesus is simply the best investment.  Remember that the blessings that Jesus gives to you are not just what you want, but rather what you need.  If your faith needs to be strengthened He will give you life situations that demand greater faith.  If your love needs to increase He will provide you with those who need desperately to be loved, even at great sacrifice to you.  If you need patience you will see the need for more patience every day.

Check your heart and see if you have totally given your heart to Jesus or if you are still tithing your heart.  Remember you are not walking on water if you still have one foot in the boat.  

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