Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Fog of Jesus


When I think of God I stand surrounded by a mist in the fog. I can feel the mist and see the fog, but my senses can only lay hold of God by faith. I cannot put the fog in my pocket or take some home for later. I am limited and protected by His presence. God is the ocean in which I swim. I can only see a short distance before the reality of God engulfs my view of the world. Like Adam and Eve before the Fall, I am increasingly oblivious to the “knowledge of good and evil.” My goal for the day becomes touching the Face of God like an overly excited dog licking the face of his master who gets down on the floor after returning from work.

The limiting factor in going after God is the simple word “about.” Great institutions of higher learning have been set up to teach men “about” God. Knowing about God is not the same as knowing God! “About” is a body of knowledge or a list of facts that can be mastered or recorded and consumed without commitment. “Knowing” is a moment by moment relationship. I speak. He listens. He speaks. I listen. I think and He already knows what I am thinking before I tell Him. God thinks and more and more I know what He is thinking before He tells me. The man who does not know God would properly render a diagnosis of “insane” for every vibrant follower of Jesus Christ.

The goal is for God to offer me fruit from the Tree of Life in Heaven. My preparation is to be released from the effects of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Jesus came to wash me from the effects of that sin so that I can eat and live forever with Him. Remember the Fog of Jesus is your friend.

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