Monday, January 17, 2011

The Time Before!

He also said to me, "Don't seal the prophetic words of this book, because the time is near.”
Revelation 22:10

What will be happening on the earth just before the return of Jesus?  The signs of the return of Jesus are not given so you can be "right" in predicting His return.  The signs are given so you can turn your heart to Him even more fully.

Without question we are nearer the coming of Jesus than any generation has ever been.  That truth is quite obvious, but everyone wants to know how near we really are.  I would simply ask WHY do you want to know?  Do you want to know so you can wait until the last minute to repent of your favorite sin?  Do you want to know so you can “get serious” with God just before Jesus returns?

If that is what your heart is doing as your mind searches for understanding then you will be sadly disappointed.  God knows what is in your heart and He will be perfectly willing to confuse your mind and keep you from going even deeper into self deception. 

Seeing the signs is a gift from God that will stave off the desperation that the whole world is beginning to feel.  Everything is going wrong everywhere.  Stories that would have been “big news” a year ago are now buried in the reporting because there are three or four bigger stories all happening at the same time.   

Is this the time before the End?  Indeed it may be.  So live as if the End will come today not tomorrow and let Jesus in to every secret place in your heart so you will be ready and waiting when the trumpet sounds!

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