Saturday, September 24, 2016

God is Not Tolerant!

The LORD made the heavens and everything in them by his word.  He scooped up the ocean and stored the water.  Everyone in this world should worship and honor the LORD!  As soon as he spoke the world was created; at his command, the earth was formed.  The LORD destroys the plans and spoils the schemes of the nations.  But what the LORD has planned will stand forever. His thoughts never change.  The LORD blesses each nation that worships only him. He blesses his chosen ones.  The LORD looks at the world  from his throne in heaven, and he watches us all.

Psalm 33: 6 - 14

The blessings of God come to a nation that worships Him and not to the nation that tolerates many gods and promotes them equally!  Originally, freedom of religion in the United States was not about being able to choose your own idol!  There is only One God and if you stand against Him there will be serious and eternal consequences!  But those consequences are for God Himself to pass out.  As a follower of Jesus, my job is to love the lost and call them to repentance!  

What if a husband who loves his wife were to say to her, “I love you so much that I am going to give you the freedom to be intimate with anyone you want?”  I have never heard such a statement, but there are many who assume that God says that same thing to all men!  They imagine that the Word of God says that you can worship whoever or whatever you like and you will still be rewarded with Heaven at the end of this earthly journey!  

It simply is not so!  Idolatry and following other gods has never been acceptable to God and is still an abomination!  Search your heart and mind and see if you are falling down and worshipping anyone or anything other than Almighty God!  If you are, then don’t wait to repent!  The storm is coming and there is no place to hide except in the arms of Jesus!  Only there will you be safe.

“Lord Jesus, make my heart intolerant to those things that offend You.  May Your peace and joy fill my heart now and forever.  Amen.”

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