Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Unseen Miracles!

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Everything God created is good. And if you give thanks, you may eat anything.  What God has said and your prayer will make it fit to eat.

1 Timothy 4: 4 - 5

How does God respond to your prayer?  If you are asking Him for something that you believe you need in your life, then God will either give it to you or He will not.  But if you are simply thanking God for something He has already given you, how does the Almighty respond?  These verses in 1 Timothy tell us an amazing truth.  When you thank God for your food before you eat, God responds by making your food fit to eat!  

It is one of those “Unseen Miracles” that God does every day on behalf of His children!  God’s care for you as a follower of Jesus is an active part of the world around you.  How many times a day does the Holy Spirit guide you in a direction that may seem meaningless, but causes you to avoid a head on collision with some disaster?  

Thank the Lord for all the blessings you see in your life, but thank Him also for the many unseen miracles that He performs in making food fit to eat and thousands of other blessings that fly totally under your radar!

“Lord Jesus, I praise You today for all the things You have done and still do for me that I cannot see and cannot know!  But I know that You love me and constantly care for me and all your other children!  Praise Your Holy Name forever!  Amen.

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