Saturday, October 8, 2016

One in Christ!

I am not anyone's slave. But I have become a slave to everyone, so that I can win as many people as possible.  When I am with the Jews, I live like a Jew to win Jews. They are ruled by the Law of Moses, and I am not. But I live by the Law to win them.  And when I am with people who are not ruled by the Law, I forget about the Law to win them. Of course, I never really forget about the law of God. In fact, I am ruled by the law of Christ.  When I am with people whose faith is weak, I live as they do to win them. I do everything I can to win everyone I possibly can.

1 Corinthians 9: 19 - 22

The apostle Paul lived his life with the purpose of calling others to give their hearts to Jesus Christ.  He would submit himself to customs and traditions that others believed were important but which he knew were not required by God.  He did this in order to remove any stumbling blocks from his attempt to proclaim the amazing message of Jesus Christ!  

When you see someone clinging to a tradition that is not required by God there is the strong temptation to confront them and let them know how “stupid” it is to believe it.  That is much of the reason why there are so many different Christian groups in today’s world, believers who judge each other for not following the same traditions!

But when your love for and devotion to Jesus Christ grows stronger, you find it much easier to let go of the traditions of men and the customs that men require to prove your righteousness!  You can then in good conscience submit yourself to traditions like Paul did in order to bring people to Jesus Christ.

Instead of spending your life battling about which custom or tradition is best, spend all your time and energy telling others about the wonderful love of Jesus!  When you do that, that same love will draw you together with men and women who live by many different traditional rules, and you will all be One in Christ!

“Thank You Jesus, for loving even those whose faith is weak, because Jesus we are all weak in faith!  Help us all to be One in loving You!  Now and forever!  Amen.”

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