Thursday, October 6, 2016

Walk in His Wake!

Israel, listen to me! You will soon cross the Jordan River and go into the land to force out the nations that live there. They are more powerful than you are, and the walls around their cities reach to the sky.

Some of these nations are descendants of the Anakim. You know how tall and strong they are, and you've heard that no one can defeat them in battle.  But the LORD your God has promised to go ahead of you, like a raging fire burning everything in its path. So when you attack your enemies, it will be easy for you to destroy them and take their land.

After the LORD helps you wipe out these nations and conquer their land, don't think he did it because you are such good people. You aren't good--you are stubborn! No, the LORD is going to help you, because the nations that live there are evil, and because he wants to keep the promise he made to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Deuteronomy 9: 1 - 4

The enemies that God wants us to fight are stronger than we are!  That is an often forgotten truth which causes us to stumble in our walk with the Lord!  The certain way to succeed in spiritual warfare is to only go where the Lord has gone ahead of you, and where His raging fire has burned everything in its path.  Then, when you attack it will be easy for you to “destroy your enemies and take their land!”

Of course, your goal as a follower of Jesus is not to destroy your enemies, but rather to call them to become followers of Jesus as well.  The principle of going only where God has gone before you in telling people about Jesus can be seen clearly in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  The cord that holds men tightly to the world system can be often broken by some earthly tragedy, and their hearts begin searching for God!

So following Jesus not only means to do what He has said, but it also means that we go where He has gone!  Jesus is moving in the world around you and the opportunities of today are most clearly seen when you walk in His wake!

“Lord Jesus, thank You for preparing the way for me to go today!  Show me again today how to travel the path that You have prepared!  May Your Name Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”

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