Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Strong Warning!

So Darius ordered Daniel to be brought out and thrown into a pit of lions. But he said to Daniel, "You have been faithful to your God, and I pray that he will rescue you."   A stone was rolled over the pit, and it was sealed. Then Darius and his officials stamped the seal to show that no one should let Daniel out.   All night long the king could not sleep. He did not eat anything, and he would not let anyone come in to entertain him.   At daybreak the king got up and ran to the pit.   He was anxious and shouted, "Daniel, you were faithful and served your God. Was he able to save you from the lions?"   Daniel answered, "Your Majesty, I hope you live forever!   My God knew that I was innocent, and he sent an angel to keep the lions from eating me. Your Majesty, I have never done anything to hurt you."   The king was relieved to hear Daniel's voice, and he gave orders for him to be taken out of the pit. Daniel's faith in his God had kept him from being harmed.   And the king ordered the men who had brought charges against Daniel to be thrown into the pit, together with their wives and children. But before they even reached the bottom, the lions ripped them to pieces.

Daniel 6: 16 - 24

Daniel refused to quit praying to God, even though the King had made a law that required it!  There is no indication that Daniel even considered obeying a law that required him to disobey God.  

There is in this story a strong warning for those who would accuse a righteous person who is faithful in his allegiance to God.  The men who brought the charges against Daniel were correct that he had broken the law of the king.  But they were very wrong, because they were defending a law that offended God Almighty!  Those men and their families suffered the same fate that they had wanted for Daniel.  

So if you are responsible, in any way for making or voting for the laws of your country, your first responsibility is to make sure that those laws are consistent with the will of God.  If they are not, you had better oppose them so that you will not end up like the men who accused Daniel.

“Lord Jesus, help me to be like Daniel and worship and pray to only You, no matter what the law of man might require.  May You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”

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