Friday, August 11, 2017


That is how it was with us. We were like children ruled by the powers of this world.  But when the time was right, God sent his Son, and a woman gave birth to him. His Son obeyed the Law, so he could set us free from the Law, and we could become God's children.  Now that we are his children, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts. And his Spirit tells us that God is our Father.  You are no longer slaves. You are God's children, and you will be given what he has promised.

Galatians 4: 3 - 7

The timing of God is perfect!  God is like an archer who always hits the center of the target with his arrow!  It doesn’t matter how strong the wind is blowing or how much rain is falling, God perfectly times His intervention in the affairs of men to perfectly accomplish what He aims to do!

Even as Jesus was born at just the right time, so were you!  In the Mind of God there was a plan for your life.  Your birth came at the perfect time for you to accomplish God’s purpose. 

You may say: “It is too late for me to fulfill God’s Will for my life!”

Oh, no!  If you are alive today, then God’s purpose for this day is what you should be about.   Ask Jesus to reveal His Will for today.  

“Lord Jesus, I can’t change the days I have already lived, but I can do Your Will for today.  Make it clear to me what You want for this moment in time!  Praise Your Holy Name, now and forever.  Amen.” 

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