Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Worthy Custom!

The LORD says: My servant will succeed! He will be given great praise and the highest honors.   Many were horrified at what happened to him. But everyone who saw him was even more horrified because he suffered until he no longer looked human.   My servant will make nations worthy to worship me; kings will be silent as they bow in wonder. They will see and think about things they have never seen or thought about before.

Isaiah 52: 13 - 15

Yesterday I was visiting with my Amish neighbor Dan.  In the flow of the conversation I told Dan my middle name, and then ask him what his middle name was.  He told me something I had never heard before.  Dan said that Amish people don’t have middle names, only middle initials.  Dan’s initial is “B” because his father’s name was Ben. Every Amish man or woman has a middle initial which comes from the name of their father. 

When you become a follower of Jesus Christ, you have a new name added to your old one.  I really wish we had the custom of writing the name “Christian” before or after our name like we do the title “Doctor” or “Professor.”   Then, like the Amish your full name would tell the world around you who Father is!

“Lord Jesus, may I bow before You today as You show me things I have never seen and tell me things I have never heard before.  May Your Holy Name be praised now and forever.  Amen.”

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