Monday, February 23, 2015

God Knows You!

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Before you knew God, you were slaves of gods that are not real.   But now you know God, or better still, God knows you. How can you turn back and become the slaves of those weak and pitiful powers?

Galatians 4:8-9

It is a wonderful thing to meet a man who knows God! If you are a follower of Jesus Christ then the Holy Spirit living inside you will let you know that you are in the presence of another believer.

Knowing God is great, but "better still" is that God knows you. The Bible does not say, but it certainly is possible that while Jesus was hanging on the Cross He was thinking about you and about me specifically! The Enemy wants me to believe that I am just a randomly created human being who is irrelevant in the scheme of things and certainly unknown to God. Satan desires that I see no purpose for my life and no possibility of pleasing God.

But God knows me! He knows how many hairs there are on my head, and adjusts that number as is appropriate as the years pass. God knows how my brain works since He carefully and lovingly put it together in the first place. God knows all my strengths and weaknesses. He knows when I get up and when I lay down for the night!

There is nothing about me that is a mystery to God! He already knows it all. But my life is one of daily discovering the mysteries of God. With the Holy Spirit and His Word in my heart I am continually presented with Eternal truth that had never "crossed my mind" before!

Remember, God knows you and it is His desire that you know Him. Let today be a day of discovering something new about your Heavenly Father!

"Lord, I praise Your Name that You know me. May I know You better when I put my head on my pillow tonight than I did when I got up this morning! Praise Your Holy Name forever. Amen."

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