Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Hard Heart in the Hand of the Lord!

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God struck down the first-born in every Egyptian family. 

God's love never fails.  

He rescued Israel from Egypt. 

God's love never fails

God used his great strength and his powerful arm.

God's love never fails. 

He split the Red Sea apart. 

God's love never fails. 

The Lord brought Israel safely through the sea. 

God's love never fails. 

He destroyed the Egyptian king and his army there. 

God's love never fails.

Psalm 136:10-15

Over and over again Pharaoh had proclaimed that he was going to let the people go, but then his hard heart took over and he refused to release the Children of Israel. It was God's way of setting the stage for His power to be manifest for all to see! The plagues of Egypt are still part of our vocabulary when we speak of a disaster of "biblical proportions!"

I suppose Pharaoh set the standard for any leader today whose heart is "hard" toward God, His Word, and the people who call on the name of Jesus! And if your land has such a leader do not be discouraged! Even as every twist and turn of the heart of Pharaoh served God's purpose, hardhearted leaders today are clay in the hands of the Potter!

When God was finished with Pharaoh, the hard heart of the King pushed him to drive his army into the Red Sea where God destroyed the King and his army! So if you live under the rule of a hardhearted "Pharaoh" today you can trust that God is still working to deliver His people and bring them all to the Promised Land!

Keep your heart soft and your ears open for the voice of God. And when you hear Him tell you what to do or where to go, then rejoice and say "Yes" to every Word that comes from Jesus!

"Thank You Lord that I do not have to be frustrated by the hard heart of a leader! I know You will use even his rebellion against You to glorify Your Name. And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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