Thursday, July 21, 2016

Actions and Attitude!

Don't let your appetite destroy what God has done. All foods are fit to eat, but it is wrong to cause problems for others by what you eat.  It is best not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything else that causes problems for other followers of the Lord.   What you believe about these things should be kept between you and God. You are fortunate, if your actions don't make you have doubts.   But if you do have doubts about what you eat, you are going against your beliefs. And you know that is wrong, because anything you do against your beliefs is sin.

Romans 14:20-23

The definition of Sin is not really very simple.  Of course, if God says that you should not do a thing, and you do it anyway, that is a sin.  But there are things that God has not prohibited, but  in your own heart you believe they are wrong, and so, for you they are sin!  

This means, if you violate your own convictions, you have sinned!  

The seriousness of this truth is often overlooked, especially if I encourage a fellow believer to do something he or she truly believes is wrong!  I may be totally correct that God has not declared a certain action to be a sin, but I may be totally wrong in encouraging you to engage in that activity!  What this means is that God is more interested in my attitude than my actions! 

When your heart is right before God, the Holy Spirit will direct your steps and order your actions to be pleasing to Him!  But when your heart is not right before the Lord, all the “right actions” will not save you!  

Search the Word of God to find out if the things you believe come from the Bible.  Change your beliefs only to bring them in line with the teachings of scripture, not the teachings of men.  But never encourage a fellow believer to do something that they truly believe is a sin!

“Lord Jesus, help me to stand before You today with a peaceful and clean heart.  Keep me from the sin of doing even the right thing with the wrong attitude of heart.  May You Jesus, be praised forever.  Amen.” 


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