Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Rewards of Obedience!

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The Law of the Lord is perfect; it gives us new life. His teachings last forever, and they give wisdom to ordinary people. The Lord’s instruction is right; it makes our hearts glad. His commands shine brightly, and they give us light. Worshiping the Lord is sacred; he will always be worshiped. All his decisions are correct and fair. They are worth more than the finest gold and are sweeter than honey from a honeycomb.

By your teachings, Lord, I am warned; by obeying them, I am greatly rewarded.

Psalm 19:7-11

A little child learns that obeying his parents will help him avoid the painful hand of correction!  It is the first reason a toddler is obedient and doesn’t run into the street!  But as he grows he begins to see the blessing of not being hit by a car!  If the child is wise, he will eventually see that being obedient to his parents is the pathway to a happy and blessed life on this earth!

When you begin your Christian life, obedience may be an attempt to avoid the “painful hand” of God’s correction!  But as you grow as a follower of Jesus, you will come to see the great rewards that come from doing exactly what God says you should do!  

So as you read the Word of God and see the things that God says you should do, ask Him to show you the blessing and the reward of being obedient to that command!  When you look at the joys of being obedient instead of just the punishment for not obeying you will enter a new room of peace and contentment in your walk with Jesus!

“Lord Jesus, help me to see more today of the beauty and joy of being obedient to Your every Word.  May You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”

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