Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Useful Tool in the Carpenter's Workshop!

This is the LORD's message for his rebellious people: "You follow your own plans instead of mine; you make treaties without asking me, and you keep on sinning.  You trust Egypt for protection. So you refuse my advice and send messengers to Egypt to beg their king for help.  You will be disappointed, completely disgraced for trusting Egypt.

Isaiah 30: 1 - 3

As you make your plans for the day, the week, or for your life are you seeking input from God?  You may say that you make plans and then search the Scriptures to make sure that your plans do not contradict something God has said.  That is a good thing, but that is certainly not the best thing!

God wants you to seek Him as you are deciding what to do in life!  Ask God what He wants you to do today, and even in this next minute!  

The Bible is a Love Story, not a Rule Book!  It tells the stories of those who disobeyed God as well as those who lovingly sought to hear His voice every minute of every day!  Certainly, we must obey the Words of the Bible as we hear the Holy Spirit guide us, but obedience to Scripture without faith in Jesus Christ is powerless to save!

May the final step in the planning of this day be to ask God what He wants you to do, and then simply do it!  When you live this day in response to God’s Will and direction, you become a useful tool in the Carpenter’s Workshop!

“Lord Jesus, show me Your Will for my life, this week, today and yes, even for this moment!  May I please You in every way!  Praise Your Holy Name, now and forever.  Amen.”

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