Monday, May 1, 2017

Display of God's Power!

Lead your people, LORD! Come and be our shepherd. Grasslands surround us, but we live in a forest. So lead us to Bashan and Gilead, and let us find pasture as we did long ago.  I, the LORD, will work miracles just as I did when I led you out of Egypt.  Nations will see this and be ashamed because of their helpless armies. They will be in shock, unable to speak or hear, because of their fear of me, your LORD and God. Then they will come trembling, crawling out of their fortresses like insects or snakes, lapping up the dust.  Our God, no one is like you. We are all that is left of your chosen people, and you freely forgive our sin and guilt. You don't stay angry forever; you're glad to have pity and pleased to be merciful. You will trample on our sins and throw them in the sea.  You will keep your word and be faithful to Jacob and to Abraham, as you promised our ancestors many years ago.

Micah 7: 14 - 20

As the Children of Israel were being led out of Egypt God did many mighty miracles that disrupted the whole society!  Moses did not present an “intellectual argument” to Pharaoh.  Instead, he confronted the Egyptian leader with the Power of God!  

There is no debate about whether or not God exists!  To debate about the reality of God would be like arguing about whether or not men can talk!  The proofs of God are all around every man and in fact are in our own bodies!  You prove God’s truth by the fact that you can breathe and think!  If God did not exist there would be no one to discuss the matter!

In your attempt to proclaim the reality of Jesus Christ to the world around you, let Him provide the proof by displaying His power!  

“Lord Jesus, display Your mighty Power again to those who have refused to turn their hearts to You.  And may You, Jesus be praised now and forever.  Amen.”  

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