Sunday, July 2, 2017

Christian Civil War!

My dear friends, remember the warning you were given by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.  They told you that near the end of time, selfish and godless people would start making fun of God.  And now these people are already making you turn against each other. They think only about this life, and they don't have God's Spirit.

Jude 1: 17 - 19

Today we are nearer to the End of Time than anyone has ever been before!  And we are seeing and hearing selfish and godless people making fun of God!  They think Christians are silly, stupid and ignorant for believing in Jesus.  For them “Jesus” is simply a “swear word” to be used out of anger or frustration! 

The World also wants followers of Jesus to turn against each other!  They want you to consider your understanding of Scripture to be totally correct and every other brother’s view to be some form of heresy!  Then the children of God will be at war with their brothers rather than waging spiritual warfare with Satan! 

If the saved is a group of believers who agree on “everything,” then Heaven bound Christians will be very, very few!  Certainly, we must believe the Word of God, but even as the Holy Spirit will help you understand the Scriptures, He will also do the same for other believers!  God will use the circumstances of your own life to give context to His Word!  If your life has been one of great pain and suffering, your understanding of suffering in the Bible will not be the same as a man or woman who has suffered very little!  

If you have many children, you will see the Fatherhood of God with greater understanding than a man who has none.  

Jesus wants us to end the “Christian Civil War” and love each other instead!

The point is this: Even though we see many things differently, our love for Jesus and our love for each other is One!  I believe it may only take a few seconds in Heaven to correct all my misunderstandings of God!  

Does this mean that everyone is a Christian and will be saved?  Certainly not!  If everyone is saved, to whom would you preach?  

“Lord Jesus, may peace come to Your children and may we love each other with the love that comes from You!  Praise Your Holy Name forever.  Amen.” 

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