Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Only One Worthy!

Herod and the people of Tyre and Sidon were very angry with each other. But their country got its food supply from the region that he ruled. So a group of them went to see Blastus, who was one of Herod's high officials. They convinced Blastus that they wanted to make peace between their cities and Herod, and a day was set for them to meet with him. Herod came dressed in his royal robes. He sat down on his throne and made a speech. The people shouted, "You speak more like a god than a man!"  At once an angel from the Lord struck him down because he took the honor that belonged to God. Later, Herod was eaten by worms and died.  God's message kept spreading.  And after Barnabas and Saul had done the work they were sent to do, they went back to Jerusalem with John, whose other name was Mark.

Acts 12: 20 - 25

I have never heard anyone say that this passage about Herod being eaten by worms and dying is their favorite part of the Bible!  There are many scriptures that don’t touch our hearts in a special way but are still very important, or God would not have put them in the Bible at all. 

The people were very impressed when Herod spoke.  What he said and how he said it caused them to elevate him to the status of a god!  But Herod did not deny it and was then struck down by an angel.  Later he got worms and died.

The same thing happened to Paul and Barnabas but their reaction was quick and very different.  They tore their clothes and shouted that they were just human beings and not gods!  Paul and Barnabas must have been seriously concerned about the angel who had struck down Herod for not denying that he was a god!

The warning of these verses is this: Be very careful how you handle praise from other men.  I believe that the safest path is to respond to praise by declaring that God is the one to be praised, and the only one worthy of praise, honor and glory! 

“Lord Jesus, may You be praised now and forever.  For You are worthy of all Praise, Honor and Glory!  Amen.”

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