Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tortured by God!

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A second angel followed and said, “The great city of Babylon has fallen! This is the city that made all nations drunk and immoral. Now God is angry, and Babylon has fallen.”  Finally, a third angel came and shouted:Here is what will happen if you worship the beast and the idol and have the mark of the beast on your hand or forehead.  You will have to drink the wine that God gives to everyone who makes him angry. You will feel his mighty anger, and you will be tortured with fire and burning sulfur, while the holy angels and the Lamb look on.   If you worship the beast and the idol and accept the mark of its name, you will be tortured day and night. The smoke from your torture will go up forever and ever, and you will never be able to rest.

Revelation 14:8-11

I guess I am a little confused. These verses clearly say that God Almighty tortures people who make Him angry! If you listen to the voices of today, anyone who tortures someone is evil, and must be opposed. We get upset about "water boarding" but God will use fire and burning sulfur to torture people who worship the beast. Apparently God is not a supporter of "freedom of religion!"

Now before you panic and reject the very thought of God being so harsh, don't forget that God not only is a God of Love and Mercy, but He is also a God of Righteousness and Justice. The Door to God's Love and Mercy and away from His Justice because of unrighteousness is Jesus Christ! Don't diminish the work of Jesus by assuming that God would not punish those who reject Jesus and choose the way of Satan.

If you jump from an airplane wearing a parachute you can land safely on the earth below. If you jump from that same plane with a hiker's backpack, you will surely die!

Never forget that with Jesus you will arrive safely in Heaven at the end of this perilous life, but without the Lord you will surely die and be tortured in the fires of Hell forever!

"Lord Jesus, help me today to hold on to you like a falling man would hold on to his parachute. Lord, bring me safely to the end of this life and through the doors of Heaven to be with You forever. Praise Your Holy Name. Amen."

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