Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tsunami of Satan!

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From out of a storm, the Lord said to Job:

Why do you talk so much when you know so little?  Now get ready to face me!  Can you answer the questions I ask?

How did I lay the foundation for the earth? Were you there?
Doubtless you know who decided its length and width.

What supports the foundation? Who placed the cornerstone,
while morning stars sang, and angels rejoiced?

When the ocean was born, I set its boundaries and wrapped it in blankets of thickest fog.

Then I built a wall around it, locked the gates,  and said,
“Your powerful waves stop here!  They can go no farther.”

Job 38:1-11

Gentle ocean waves crashing against the shore is one of the most peaceful and relaxing sounds on earth. If you are blessed to live near enough to the ocean to hear the waves when you sleep you know how true that is.
But ocean waves pushed by a storm can bring fear to the heart of anyone who is too near the shore. And a single tsunami wave is terrifying to consider!

There are other things in this life that are like ocean waves. The ebb and flow of life itself in a moral culture is a peaceful reality and provides the fertile ground for seeds of truth. But when the storms of evil begin to batter the shore of any land, hearts become unsettled. And when the Tsunami of Satan threatens to wash away a whole way of life, terror grips the people!

God told Job that God Himself controls the waves of the ocean! The waves of evil that are battering your life are also limited by the power of God! And the tsunami of sin that threatens to wash away everything must obey the command of God as well.

Never forget that the battle between Good and Evil was won on the Cross! Satan does not win! Evil will not prevail over Good!

"Lord Jesus, may the wave of Your righteousness wash over my life and continue to cleanse me from everything that does not come from Your Holy Spirit! And Lord, help me to remember that You can tell the powerful waves where to stop! May You be praised forever. Amen."

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