Thursday, December 17, 2015

Be Ready Now!



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Remember Christ says, “When I come, it will surprise you like a thief! But God will bless you, if you are awake and ready. Then you won't have to walk around naked and be ashamed.”

Revelation 16:15 

Have you ever been surprised by a thief? Only twice in my almost 70 year life has a thief broken into my house with the intent of stealing things that belonged to me. Both times when I discovered that the thief had come I was shocked and upset. And I suppose those two events have left permanent scars on my life.

Jesus Christ will only return to this earth once and when He does it will be like the surprise of a thief. It will be shocking even for those who are waiting for His return. I know Jesus is coming, but I really don't expect Him to come today. And of course, that is how Satan lures me away from my intimate walk with Jesus today. He says "Sure Jesus is coming, but all the signs are not yet here so you can relax and not worry about it for a while yet!" The Devil wants me to procrastinate in making my final preparations for the return of Jesus!

If you knew for certain that Jesus would return before you go to sleep tonight, what would you do in making preparations for His return? Whatever it is that you would do if you knew His return was today is what you should do as you live this day! Begin by asking God to show you one thing that you need to do before Jesus returns and start with that.

"Lord Jesus, I know that You will come again. Help me to believe that Your return could be today. Help me to be ready in every way for that Glorious moment! And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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