Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Depend Only on Jesus!

The Lord says, “Clear the road!  Get it ready for my people.” Our holy God lives forever in the highest heavens, and this is what he says: Though I live high above in the holy place, I am here to help those who are humble and depend only on me.

Isaiah 57:14-15

Emmanuel is another name for Jesus and it means “God with us!”  You might turn and walk away from God, but He will not walk away from you.  Jesus Himself said, “I will be with you always.”

In Isaiah 57 the promise to help us is for those who are humble and who depend only on God.  That means that we should not expect God to help if we are proud and depend on lots of other things in our walk through life.  God is not a God of last resort.  He wants to be the first one you turn to as well as the last. 

If Emmanuel saves you, then you cannot be lost!  But if Jesus Christ does not help you then there is no help that can redeem you from the pit of Hell.  He is the way and the only way.  He is the truth and the only truth and Jesus is the life and the only life!

Make it your goal today to be humble and rid yourself of everything you depend on except Jesus!  Then He will help you!  That is His guarantee and you can bet your life on it!

“Lord Jesus, help me today to depend only on You my Lord and my God.  May You be praised forever.  Amen.”

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