Tuesday, December 1, 2015

God is a Bottomless Ocean of Truth!

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“Rip the heavens apart! Come down, Lord; make the mountains tremble.

Be a spark that starts a fire causing water to boil.  Then your enemies will know who you are; all nations will tremble because you are nearby.
Your fearsome deeds have completely amazed us; even the mountains shake when you come down.
You are the only God ever seen or heard of who works miracles for his followers.”

Isaiah 64:1-4

When I was a little boy I believed that my father was the best man who had ever lived. To me he was the smartest, strongest, most reliable, most respectable, etc. etc. etc!

A father is a human example of what God is like. A good father gives his children lots of insight into the nature of God Almighty. That's why Satan fights so hard to take fathers away from their children. An absent father can't show his children what God is like. And if you have never known your human father it is quite easy to reject any relationship with your Heavenly Father. 

Why did God create little children with the almost inevitable perspective of thinking more highly of their father than they should? I think it is simply good practice for how you should see your Heavenly Father when you meet Him. It is impossible to imagine some great thing about God that is not true. Even more than you can think is true about God. There is no being in all of eternal history that even comes close to the Greatness of God. God is not the pinnacle of existence, God created existence. God not only knows every answer, He gave men the ability to ask the questions. 

God is a bottomless ocean of truth. The deeper you go, the more you see and know that there is no limit to the truth of God. 

If you lived with God for an eternity, every day you would see something new and majestically glorious about Him. He is the Wonder of Wonders! When God described Himself to Moses He called Himself "I AM!" Those words "I am" are the first two words of an infinite sentence describing the Almighty!

"Lord God, today please show me one more thing about who You are! And may You be praised forever. Amen!"

(This blog was first published December 28, 2011) 

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