Thursday, December 3, 2015

Good Times Will End!

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Do you rulers in Jerusalem and in the city of Samaria feel safe and at ease?  Everyone bows down to you, and you think you are better than any other nation.  But you are in for trouble! Look what happened to the cities of Calneh, powerful Hamath, and Gath in Philistia.  Are you greater than any of those kingdoms?  You are cruel, and you forget the coming day of judgment. You rich people lounge around on beds with ivory posts, while dining on the meat of your lambs and calves.  You sing foolish songs to the music of harps, and you make up new tunes, just as David used to do.  You drink all the wine you want and wear expensive perfume, but you don’t care about the ruin of your nation. So you will be the first to be dragged off as captives; your good times will end.

Amos 6:1-7

There will come a day when every man will be held accountable for the things that he has done on this earth. The "Good Times" will end.   There will be a consequence for every action you have taken while living here.  Every sin you commit has a price which must be paid.  The price tag that is attached to even the smallest sin says DEATH!  That is the price for one sin, or all of them.

The bad news is this: Everyone sins and so everyone must die.  That is the inheritance we all received from Adam and Eve.  It is the law of Sin and Death and it came into being the day that the first couple ate of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and it will stand until Jesus returns. 

But there is Good News and it is the best news anyone could ever imagine.  Jesus paid the price for all of your sin when He died on the Cross, so that you will not have to die!  When you give your heart to Jesus, even though you die, you will live again and you will live forever with Him!

Jesus is the ultimate solution for every problem of every man.  When you give your heart to Jesus and begin your walk of obedience you are taken off the "Must pay for your sins" list and put on the "Your sins are paid for by the Blood of Jesus" list!

"Thank You Jesus for dying in my place on the Cross!  Show me today how I can please You in every step I take.  And may You Lord Jesus be praised forever.  Amen."

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