Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Do Your Plans Include Sin?

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The Lord told me,  “Go to the pottery shop, and when you get there, I will tell you what to say to the people.”
I went there and saw the potter making clay pots on his pottery wheel. And whenever the clay would not take the shape he wanted, he would change his mind and form it into some other shape.

Then the Lord told me to say:
People of Israel, I, the Lord, have power over you, just as a potter has power over clay.  If I threaten to uproot and shatter an evil nation  and that nation turns from its evil, I will change my mind.

If I promise to make a nation strong,  but its people start disobeying me and doing evil, then I will change my mind and not help them at all.

So listen to me, people of Judah and Jerusalem! I have decided to strike you with disaster, and I won’t change my mind unless you stop sinning and start living right.

But I know you won’t listen. You might as well answer, “We don’t care what you say. We have made plans to sin, and we are going to be stubborn and do what we want!”

Jeremiah 18:1-12

Tomorrow is the last day of 2015.  Have you made your plans for next year?  Do those plans include living a life that is pleasing to God and in the daily pursuit of righteousness?  Or are you seeking to find better ways to sin?  

The current President of the United States has declared that this nation is not a Christian nation.  As upsetting as that statement may be, he may be correct.  We have turned away from our recognition of God as the only God and Jesus Christ, His Son!  We have banned Jesus from our government while reaching out to every other religion on earth with compassion and tolerance.  

Recognizing God and honoring Him as a nation and then turning your back on Him has been over the centuries a prescription for disaster.  As we begin this New Year, we as a nation, and really as a world have a choice.  We can repent and turn back to God or we can prepare for disaster!  And you can be sure of this: The disaster that will come from rejecting Jesus Christ will last forever!  

"Lord Jesus, I turn my heart back to You today!  We have sinned in rejecting You!  Give us the courage to proclaim, without fear, that You Jesus are our Savior and our God!  And may You be praised forever!  Amen."    

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