Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Prize for His Children!

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Trust God, my friends, and always tell him each one of your concerns.  God is our place of safety. We humans are only a breath; none of us are truly great.  All of us together weigh less  than a puff of air. Don’t trust in violence or depend on dishonesty or rely on great wealth.  I heard God say two things:  “I am powerful,  and I am very kind.”  The Lord rewards each of us according to what we do.

Psalm 62:8-12

When my six children were all small we had , what I guess would be called a family tradition.  If I had to go away for a few days, when I returned I would be greeted by hugs and kisses but also this question: "Did you bring me a prize?"

Something small and inexpensive would do nicely, as long as I brought something for them when I returned!

It reminds me of the return of Jesus.  You see, Jesus is not just returning to this earth, but when He comes He will bring  a prize for His children!  When I brought prizes to my children, they did not cost a lot, but the prize that Jesus is bringing for me cost Him His very life!  Jesus is bringing me, eternal citizenship in Heaven!  It cost Him everything and will mean everything to me, forever!

"Thank you Jesus for the great prize that You are bringing Your children.  And may You, Jesus be praised forever. Amen!"

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