Monday, May 2, 2016

Jesus Knows Everything!

Jesus told his disciples, “For a little while you won’t see me, but after a while you will see me.“  They said to each other, “What does Jesus mean by saying that for a little while we won’t see him, but after a while we will see him? What does he mean by saying that he is going to the Father?  What is this ‘little while’ that he is talking about? We don’t know what he means.”  Jesus knew that they had some questions, so he said: You are wondering what I meant when I said that for a little while you won’t see me, but after a while you will see me. I tell you for certain that you will cry and be sad, but the world will be happy. You will be sad, but later you will be happy.

John 16:16-20

Jesus knew what the disciples were thinking and so He answered a question that no one had bothered to ask Him!  

Could you make a list of questions for which you know no answers?  Of course you could!  There are things that we all ponder in this life that are unanswerable by human wisdom alone!  I heard my 8 year old grandson say innocently that he doesn't understand Heaven and eternity.  His grandmother and I both responded that we don't understand them either!  

I don't know how a flock of thousands of birds can fly in synchronized splendor.  There are attempts to explain it, but really the mystery remains.  I know though that God Himself is the conductor of this grand performance, but I cannot imagine how He does it!

Remember that Jesus knows the answers to questions that men have never thought to ask.  List the things that you ponder in this life and today ask Jesus to enlighten you about one of them because Jesus knows everything!

“Thank you Jesus for telling me things I don’t know and for answering questions I have never bothered to ask You.  What a wonder it is to know You Jesus.  Praise Your Holy name. Amen.”

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