Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bring Honor to Jesus!

“God chose you, and we keep praying that God will make you worthy of being his people. We pray for God's power to help you do all the good things you hope to do and your faith makes you want to do. Then, because of the undeserved grace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, you will bring honor to the name of our Lord Jesus, and he will bring honor to you.”

2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

When you bring honor to the name of Jesus, He will bring honor to you!  So, how does one man bring honor to someone, anyone?  A son brings honor to his father when the world around him sees how he lives and credits his father for teaching him to be the man he has become!  A successful student brings honor to the one who taught him.  And by the way, fathers love to be proud of their children and teachers love to be proud of their students.  

Another way you can bring honor to Jesus is by doing good things by His power and telling others what He has done and how great He is!  It helps to be specific and don’t forget to include the “small” things!  It is the small acts of kindness that prove your constant love for someone, not just the “big” things!

Who loves you more, the man who pays your salary for what you do at work, or the one who prepares your daily meals?  Of course, Jesus provided for your salvation, but He also gives you your daily bread!  

People who don’t know Jesus are often more impressed with the “little” things that He does in taking care of His children!  Honor Jesus by telling others what He did for you this morning!  The prospect of living with Jesus forever in Heaven is wonderful, but living with Jesus today here on earth is frankly more enticing for those who are suffering!  

“Lord Jesus, I want to honor You today by how I live and what I say about You.  Give me opportunity to show Your wonderful power and love to those around me.  And may Your Name be Praised forever!  Amen.”

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