Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Christians Need Not Fear!

I am the Lord, the one who encourages you. Why are you afraid of mere humans? They dry up and die like grass. I spread out the heavens and laid foundations for the earth. But you have forgotten me, your Lord and Creator. All day long you were afraid of those who were angry and hoped to oppress you. Where are they now?

Everyone crying out in pain will be quickly set free; they will be rescued from the power of death and never go hungry. I will help them because I am your God, the Lord All-Powerful, who makes the ocean roar.

Isaiah 51:12-15

The world today is a very fearful place.  The world and most people who live in it are filled with fear!  In the United States many people fear that one candidate will be elected President and many others fear that the other one will be elected.  And if you listen to what they say, each side has fears that are not totally unreasonable.

But what about those who follow Jesus Christ?  Do Christians have any reason at all to fear in this world?  They do not!  Because of the Cross of Jesus Christ and the promise of His return to take us home to be with Him forever there is no reason for a Christian to fear any man on earth!  Jesus Himself even said that we do not need to fear a man who can only kill our bodies.  The worst thing your enemies can do to you is to send you into the arms of Jesus!  

If you are not a follower of Jesus, then you do need to be afraid of someone who can kill you.  Once you die and leave this earth your eternal fate is sealed!  And as bad as life on this earth may be, Hell will be many times worse!

So instead of spending your time protecting yourself from evil people on this earth, focus all your energy on Jesus Christ and being obedient to His every Word!  Let Jesus be the Lord of your life so you can live every day without fear!

“Lord Jesus, I thank You again today that with You in control of my life I have nothing to fear, not even death itself!  Come quickly Lord Jesus!  Amen.”

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