Monday, August 1, 2016

Jesus Washed the Feet of Judas!

But when he came to Simon Peter, this disciple asked, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?”  Jesus answered, “You don't really know what I am doing, but later you will understand.” “You will never wash my feet!” Peter replied. “If I don't wash you,” Jesus told him, “you don't really belong to me.”

Peter said, “Lord, don't wash just my feet. Wash my hands and my head.”

Jesus answered, “People who have bathed and are clean all over need to wash just their feet. And you, my disciples, are clean, except for one of you.”  Jesus knew who would betray him. That is why he said, “except for one of you.”

After Jesus had washed his disciples' feet and had put his outer garment back on, he sat down again. Then he said:  Do you understand what I have done?

John 13:6-12

Judas needed to be washed all over, but Jesus only washed the feet of Judas!  Judas is a prime example of how God uses the wickedness of evil men to accomplish His righteous purposes in the world!  Satan’s attempts to defeat God are like an international Chess champion playing the game against a five year old child who just learned some of the moves!  The Devil knows nothing in comparison to God!

It is truly amazing how seemingly intelligent men and women proclaim that they know more than does God who created them!  They even declare that they were not created at all, but were the accidental outcome of a huge explosion sometime in the distant past!  

As a person of faith, what does all this mean?  Well simply put, Satan may boast and shout and threaten to destroy all that is Holy and Righteous, but he is no more powerful than a mouse trying to stop an elephant!  God will win, in fact He already has won the victory when Jesus died on the Cross and was raised from Death on the third day!  

As a follower of Jesus Christ, remember that the worst thing Satan can do to you here on earth is to usher you in to Heaven where you will have a front row seat to the Glory of God!  Satan cannot send you to Hell!  

“Lord Jesus, wash me today wherever I am not clean!  Make me ready for the Day when I go to be with You or You come to take me Home!  Praise Your Name forever.  Amen.”

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