Monday, August 15, 2016

Concealed Carry Idols

Jacob had set up camp in the hill country of Gilead, when Laban and his relatives came and set up camp in another part of the hill country. Laban went to Jacob and said: Look what you've done! You've tricked me and run off with my daughters like a kidnapper.  Why did you sneak away without telling me? I would have given you a going-away party with singing and with music on tambourines and harps.  You didn't even give me a chance to kiss my own grandchildren and daughters goodbye. That was really foolish.  I could easily hurt you, but the God your father worshiped has warned me not to make any threats or promises. I can understand why you were eager to return to your father, but why did you have to steal my idols?

Jacob answered, “I left secretly because I was afraid you would take your daughters from me by force.  If you find that any one of us has taken your idols, I'll have that person killed. Let your relatives be witnesses. Show me what belongs to you, and you can take it back.” Jacob did not realize that Rachel had stolen the household idols.

Laban searched the tents of Jacob, Leah, and the two servant women, but did not find the idols. Then he went to Rachel's tent.  She had already hidden them in the cushion she used as a saddle and was sitting on it. Laban searched everywhere and did not find them.

Genesis 31:25-34

Why would Rachel want to conceal and carry away the idols that were in her father’s home?  The Bible does not say, but it seems obvious that she wanted them for security.  Although she was the favored wife she had a very difficult time conceiving children.  She ultimately had only Joseph and Benjamin, but was barren for a long time before that. Taking her father’s idols seemed to say that Rachel was not at this point a woman of great faith in God.

Are you, like Rachel in the middle of seeing great things that God is doing around you, and yet you are holding on to powerless idols that may have been part of your life as your grew up?  There are things in everyone’s life that must be abandoned as you grow and follow Jesus.  Check your heart and mind and see if you are keeping anything concealed in your heart that Jesus wants you to destroy!  

“Lord Jesus, search my heart and show me if I am trying to conceal anything from You.  I do want to be completely Yours.  And, may You be praised forever.  Amen.” 

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