Thursday, February 8, 2018

Obedience and Understanding!

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I am Jesus! And I am the one who sent my angel to tell all of you these things for the churches. I am David's Great Descendant, and I am also the bright morning star.  The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" Everyone who hears this should say, "Come!" If you are thirsty, come! If you want life-giving water, come and take it. It's free!  Here is my warning for everyone who hears the prophecies in this book: If you add anything to them, God will make you suffer all the terrible troubles written in this book.  If you take anything away from these prophecies, God will not let you have part in the life-giving tree and in the holy city described in this book.  The one who has spoken these things says, "I am coming soon!" So, Lord Jesus, please come soon!  I pray that the Lord Jesus will be kind to all of you.

Revelation 22: 16 - 22

These last seven verses of the New Testament give us both a marvelous Word of encouragement and a stern warning.  If you hear His call on your life and come to Jesus, you will be able to drink life-giving water that is free!  That water will keep you alive with Him forever!

But if you add to the Word of God, He will make you suffer terrible troubles.  And if you don't believe the Word that He has given for you and reject even part of His Word, He will not let you take part in the life-giving tree and the Holy City!

It is a very serious matter, how you handle the Word of God! Don't approach the Bible with the attitude of: "If I understand it, then I will believe it!"  Rather embrace every Word that comes from the mouth of God and rejoice when and if the Holy Spirit gives you understanding.  

Don't make it your goal to be the disciple with the most understanding.  Your desire should be obedience to every Word that comes from the mouth of God!  And by the way, when you obey His Word, usually understanding will come!  

"Lord Jesus, help me today to seek to be obedient to all of Your Word.  And may I add nothing to it, or take away anything from it.  May Your Name be praised now and forever.  Amen."

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