Monday, February 11, 2019

The Final Solution

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I tell you that people will come here from cities everywhere. Those of one town will go to another and say, "We're going to ask the LORD All-Powerful to treat us with kindness. Come and join us." Many people from strong nations will come to Jerusalem to worship me and to ask me to treat them with kindness. When this happens, ten people from nations with different languages will grab a Jew by his clothes and say, "Let us go with you. We've heard that God is on your side." I, the LORD All-Powerful, have spoken!

Zechariah 8:20-23

When an atheist becomes a believer the change is dramatic but not complete.   Atheists don't know what is the explanation for everything, but they are "sure" that it is not God!

But the journey to faith is only beginning when you go from total disbelief to an "oh my God, You are real" perspective on life!  This is where you need to be reminded of the verse that says the demons believe and tremble. And certainly Satan believes in God!  Satan is by no means an atheist.

So now you know that God is real.  What are you, my friend going to do about it?  Some people are satisfied to stop at the point of just believing in God.  Frankly, it is not hard to come to a point of believing in the existence of God.  Look at the stars on a cloudless night, or look at a beautiful flower and try to believe that all that grandeur is just an accident of time!  To believe such a thing is really unthinkable. The handiwork of God screams at all the senses of men every where and every day!

Obedience to God is the final solution for your eternal dilemma.  When you step onto the road of doing what God tells you to do, it is then that Relationship with the Almighty becomes Reality.  

If you have come to the point of believing in God, take the next step of being obedient to His Word in every way!  Then your Reality will be a Relationship with Jesus Christ!

"Thank You Jesus for making it possible for sinful fallen human beings to know You and to live with You forever.  Praise Your Name, now and always. Amen."

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