Tuesday, March 8, 2011

God's Secret!

"God told his secret plans to his servants the prophets, and it will all happen by the time the seventh angel sounds his trumpet.” 

Revelation 10:7

Has God ever told you a secret?  Did He tell you something that He has not told anyone else?  According to this verse it is indeed possible that God sometimes shares secrets with His children.

Has anyone ever told you a secret that you have never told anyone else?  More importantly has God told you something that was for your ears only?  Somehow I have assumed over the years that any insight I might get from God is to be shared with as many people who might accept it.  Frankly, that is just not reality.  Jesus said He knew things that He couldn't share.

Ask God today to share something with you that is for you to know only.  It may not seem like a big thing, but it is huge if it comes from God.  It may be an insight into scripture.

Never forget that your relationship with God can be just as real as your relationship with your husband or wife or parents.  Listen for His voice today!

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