Saturday, November 22, 2014

Are You With Jesus Where He Is?


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Father, I want everyone you have given me to be with me, wherever I am. Then they will see the glory you have given me, because you loved me before the world was created.  Good Father, the people of this world don't know you. But I know you, and my followers know that you sent me.   I told them what you are like, and I will tell them even more. Then the love you have for me will become part of them, and I will be one with them.

John 17:24-26

Do you want to be with Jesus where He is or do you want Jesus to be with you where you are? There is a huge difference!

When Jesus is with you where you are, you will see His power touch those in your circle of friends. And that is certainly a good thing. When Jesus is with you, His wisdom and power will open doors and solve problems in your life in remarkable, and yes even miraculous ways! For most Christians it seems to be enough to know that Jesus is "with you always." He is with you and it is wonderful!

But when you are with Jesus where He is, you see Him reach out and touch the Universe around Him with His Power and Glory! When you are with Jesus where He is, you find yourself in places you have never been before, and perhaps no one has ever been. When you are with Jesus where He is, your spirit is bathed in the Glory of God and immersed in the Promise of Eternity! What an utterly remarkable reality that Jesus wants me to be with Him where He is!

"Lord Jesus, I do want You to be with me as I walk through this day here on planet earth. But I also Lord want to be with You where You are! I want to see beyond the door of Heaven and walk with You on the streets of gold! Give me the patience to wait for that Day when I am with You always, and never let me stop longing to see it come! May You, Jesus be praised forever. Amen."

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