Friday, November 28, 2014

He Knows What I Think!

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Every word we speak was taught to us by God’s Spirit, not by human wisdom. And this same Spirit helps us teach spiritual things to spiritual people.  That’s why only someone who has God’s Spirit can understand spiritual blessings. Anyone who doesn’t have God’s Spirit thinks these blessings are foolish.

People who are guided by the Spirit can make all kinds of judgments, but they cannot be judged by others.  The Scriptures ask,

“Has anyone ever known
the thoughts of the Lord
or given him advice?”

But we understand what Christ is thinking.

1 Corinthians 2:13-16

Perhaps the greatest blessing that comes from having the Holy Spirit dwell in you is that you can then understand what Christ is thinking.  The "mind of Christ" is certainly a mystery to anyone who does not have the Holy Spirit. 

Knowing how someone else thinks is the key to solving crimes as well as having a lasting and happy marriage.  Knowing the mind of Christ unlocks the mysteries of Eternity and changes the way you see everything here on earth! 

When you see sin and suffering in the world around you, knowing what Jesus thinks about those terrible things can restore your peace and enable you to keep on walking with Him!  The Holy Spirit in you, enables you to know what Jesus thinks, and since Jesus was fully human while He walked on this earth, He knows what you think as well!  When two people know each other's mind, the relationship can be long and fruitful.  When one of those two is the Lord Jesus Christ, the relationship can go on forever!

"Lord Jesus, thank You for letting me know what You think about everything in life!  And thank You Lord that You came here to earth so that You could not only die for me, but so that You could know my mind as well.  Praise Your Holy Name forever! Amen."

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