Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Be Ready Now or Later!

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You can be certain that in the last days there will be some very hard times.  People will love only themselves and money. They will be proud, stuck-up, rude, and disobedient to their parents. They will also be ungrateful, godless, heartless, and hateful. Their words will be cruel, and they will have no self-control or pity. These people will hate everything good.  They will be sneaky, reckless, and puffed up with pride. Instead of loving God, they will love pleasure.

2 Timothy 3:1-4

The hardest part is just before the baby comes! When the labor pain arrives, for a short while you forget all the joy of preparing for the baby. For some the pain is extremely severe, in fact I am of course told, as a man I can never really understand how bad it is.

As we prepare for and look forward to the return of Jesus Christ, the Bible says that just before He comes, it will be like labor pains. Unless you knew the baby was coming, when the labor pains arrived you would certainly be tempted to give up all hope of things being better. If we are living in the days just prior to the return of Jesus, then things that are bad will even get worse and the pain will only stop when Jesus comes!

But I remember, and you may as well something we called "false labor" pains. We thought, this is it, the baby is on the way, but it was not yet time. You may have even made a quick run to the hospital for nothing. It certainly seems as if the time of the return of Jesus is at hand, but no one knows for certain. These days may indeed be false labor. So we must live ready for the trouble to come because of the soon return of Jesus, but we must also be ready to suffer here, maybe even for years to come.

Jesus will return! That is certain. You can "bet your life" on it! But the date of His return has not yet been revealed! Be ready today for the return of Jesus and be ready to live out the rest of your days on this earth, knowing that when you leave this earth you will be with Jesus! Either way you will be with Jesus forever if you have given your heart to Him.

"Lord Jesus, give me the strength to stand here while we wait for your return. And Lord give me the patience to wait even for years to come if that is the Will of the Father. Either way, may You be praised forever. Amen."

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