Thursday, June 18, 2015

God Declared Innocence!

The men then told the king, “That Jew named Daniel, who was brought here as a captive, refuses to obey you or the law that you ordered to be written. And he still prays to his god three times a day.”  The king was really upset to hear about this, and for the rest of the day he tried to think how he could save Daniel.  
At daybreak the king got up and ran to the pit. He was anxious and shouted, “Daniel, you were faithful and served your God. Was he able to save you from the lions?”
Daniel answered, “Your Majesty, I hope you live forever!   My God knew that I was innocent, and he sent an angel to keep the lions from eating me. Your Majesty, I have never done anything to hurt you.” 
Daniel 6:13-14 and 19-22

What happens when the world decides you are guilty of wrong doing, but God declares that you are innocent?  This is the case when man's law and God's law collide!  The rule of man always disappears in the face of the will of God.  Daniel refused to obey a law that said that he could not pray to God, even for a time and God sent an angel to rescue him from the hungry lions.

Even today, there are laws that must be disobeyed by followers of Jesus Christ!  God says that we are to "pray without ceasing," but some nations have told their people that it is illegal or unconstitutional to pray in certain places and at certain times!  If we obey those mandates and "cease" praying are we not disobeying the God who created us?

If you are confused about whether or not you must disobey a law of man, then you need to spend more time in God's Word, listening to the Holy Spirit!  We must make it our daily goal to KNOW THE WILL OF GOD IN EVERY SITUATION!  When you know what God wants it is simple to know whether or not you must disobey the commands of men!

The law said that Daniel was guilty, but God declared Daniel innocent and sent an angel to rescue him from the mouths of lions!

"Lord Jesus help me to seek to know You and Your Word more today, so that I will know for certain if I can follow You and obey the laws of men!  And may You be praised forever.  Amen."

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