Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Fabric of Your Heart!

Everyone on this earth will remember you, LORD. People all over the world will turn and worship you, because you are in control, the ruler of all nations.  All who are rich and have more than enough will bow down to you, Lord. Even those who are dying and almost in the grave will come and bow down.  In the future, everyone will worship and learn about you, our Lord.  People not yet born will be told, "The Lord has saved us!"

Psalm 22: 27 - 32

In the End there will be no Atheists!  People who don’t believe in God now will certainly believe and will fall down in worship!  Everyone in Hell will know for certain that God exists!  

With an entire Cosmos of stunning evidences of the existence of God, those who call themselves Atheists are really “non-obeyers” rather than non-believers!  Woven into the fabric of your heart is the knowledge that God is, but because of sin you are overwhelmed with the desire to be disobedient to the One who made you! 

The things that God tells you to do are the very things that you fundamentally reject!  And the things that God tells you not to do are the things that you find yourself doing, every day!  

The resolution of your confusion is to repent of your sins, turn your heart to Jesus and be obedient to every Word that comes from God!  It is the only answer that will work now, and forever!

“Lord Jesus, I choose to trust and obey You today and forever.  Praise Your Holy Name.  Amen.”   

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