Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trouble From God!

After this, I noticed something else in heaven. The sacred tent used for a temple was open.  And the seven angels who were bringing the terrible troubles were coming out of it. They were dressed in robes of pure white linen and wore belts made of pure gold.  One of the four living creatures gave each of the seven angels a bowl made of gold. These bowls were filled with the anger of God who lives forever and ever.  The temple quickly filled with smoke from the glory and power of God. No one could enter it until the seven angels had finished pouring out the seven last troubles.

Revelation 15: 5 - 9

There is a very large misunderstanding about the nature of God that is shared by many people who only know about God, but don’t know Him!  

The confusion is this: Many believe that God only “pours out” wonderful, sweet and pleasant things on people and that anything that is not like that is from the Devil.  These verses in the Book of Revelation tell us about the anger of God resulting in seven last troubles!  

The Bible also tells us that God will discipline the children that He loves.  So when trouble comes to your life, it may seem like God is punishing you, when He is only discipling your heart.  And don’t forget Job who suffered terribly because God was pleased with Job’s life!

So when trouble comes, and it will, turn your heart toward Jesus and hold on to Him as tight as you can!  Ask God to show you if there is something for which you need to repent. And if you need to repent, then repent, but if not, trust God with all your heart and wait for the refreshing that will come from Him!

“Lord Jesus, make my heart today like Yours!  Whatever You choose for me today, whether it be peace and quiet or pain and suffering I thank You and praise You for it!  Bless Your Holy Name, Amen!”

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