Monday, March 27, 2017

The God of Power!

Our LORD, you are the one who gives me strength and protects me like a fortress when I am in trouble. People will come to you from distant nations and say, "Our ancestors worshiped false and useless gods, worthless idols made by human hands." Then the LORD replied, "That's why I will teach them about my power, and they will know that I am the true God."

Jeremiah 16: 19 - 22

God is not just the God of Theology and doctrine.  God is not simply the God of better ideas.  God is the God of Power!  “Coming to Christ” is more than acknowledging that what you have heard about Him is true.  When you come to know Jesus Christ, you encounter His Power!  

Some say the “Age of Miracles” has ceased.  Perhaps without knowing it they have removed answered prayer from the life of a Christian.  What is the answer to prayer, but the miraculous intervention of God in the affairs of men?

If you are living the Christian life without seeing the Power of God all around you and working through you, then you need to look again at the authenticity of your faith! 

These verses in Jeremiah tell us plainly that seeing the Power of God will let you know that He is the True God!  So today, as you read His Word also look for His Power working around you and through you!  Then you will know for certain that He is truly God Almighty!

“Lord Jesus, let me today see, not only Your Word, but Your Power as well!  Let me see that You still are daily involved in the affairs of men!  Praise Your Holy Name forever.  Amen.” 

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