Thursday, April 12, 2018

Jesus Give Me What I Need!

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The time of prayer was about three o'clock in the afternoon, and Peter and John were going into the temple.  A man who had been born lame was being carried to the temple door. Each day he was placed beside this door, known as the Beautiful Gate. He sat there and begged from the people who were going in.  The man saw Peter and John entering the temple, and he asked them for money.  But they looked straight at him and said, "Look up at us!"  The man stared at them and thought he was going to get something.  But Peter said, "I don't have any silver or gold! But I will give you what I do have. In the name of Jesus Christ from Nazareth, get up and start walking."  Peter then took him by the right hand and helped him up. At once the man's feet and ankles became strong, and he jumped up and started walking. He went with Peter and John into the temple, walking and jumping and praising God.

Peter saw that a crowd had gathered, and he said: Friends, why are you surprised at what has happened? Why are you staring at us? Do you think we have some power of our own? Do you think we were able to make this man walk because we are so religious?  The God that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and our other ancestors worshiped has brought honor to his Servant Jesus. He is the one you betrayed. You turned against him when he was being tried by Pilate, even though Pilate wanted to set him free.  You rejected Jesus, who was holy and good. You asked for a murderer to be set free, and you killed the one who leads people to life. But God raised him from death, and all of us can tell you what he has done.  You see this man, and you know him. He put his faith in the name of Jesus and was made strong. Faith in Jesus made this man completely well while everyone was watching.

Acts 3: 1 - 8 & 12-16

The man who was born lame asked Peter and John for money, but instead he got the thing that money could not buy, he was healed!  If Peter and John had given the man money, I suppose it would have been a good thing, but in a few hours, or even days the money would be gone and the man would be begging again.  

When you encounter Jesus in your day, what do you ask from Him?  Do you ask Jesus for things that would make your life more comfortable and less of a struggle?  Do you ask Jesus to deal with the little aggravations of life and the issues that cause you pain?  Or do you ask for the healing of your feet so that you can walk, jump and run with Jesus and praise Him every moment of the life you have on this earth?  Of course, I am not talking about your physical feet because you can run with Jesus without their help.  

Put your faith in Jesus and ask Him to make you strong and completely well so that everyone around can see the Power of God in your life!

"Thank You Jesus for giving me what I truly need instead of only what I ask for!  May Your Name be praised now and forever.  Amen."

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