Monday, August 12, 2013

Man of a Mighty God!

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During the second year that Nebuchadnezzar was king, he had such horrible nightmares that he could not sleep. So he called in his counselors, advisors, magicians, and wise men, and said, “I am disturbed by a dream that I don't understand, and I want you to explain it.”

They answered in Aramaic, “Your Majesty, we hope you live forever! We are your servants. Please tell us your dream, and we will explain what it means.”

But the king replied, “No! I have made up my mind. If you don't tell me both the dream and its meaning, you will be chopped to pieces and your houses will be torn down. However, if you do tell me both the dream and its meaning, you will be greatly rewarded and highly honored. Now tell me the dream and explain what it means.”

“Your Majesty,” they said, “if you will only tell us your dream, we will interpret it for you.”

The king replied, “You're just stalling for time, because you know what's going to happen if you don't come up with the answer. You've decided to make up a bunch of lies, hoping I might change my mind. Now tell me the dream, and that will prove that you can interpret it.”

His advisors explained, “Your Majesty, you are demanding the impossible! No king, not even the most famous and powerful, has ever ordered his advisors, magicians, or wise men to do such a thing. It can't be done, except by the gods, and they don't live here on earth.”

Daniel 2:1-11

King Nebuchadnezzar made an impossible demand of his counselors, advisors, magicians, and wise men. He demanded that they not only interpret his dream, but that they tell him what the dream was before they gave the interpretation. Without divine intervention that could not be done.

Men only see God in your life when you are able to do something that cannot be done without His help! If you are simply a "smarter than most" human being, then you will get the glory for overcoming your trials and difficulties. But if you are weak and helpless as a man or woman, but are empowered by Almighty God to do the impossible, then God will be glorified by your dependence on Him!

As a human being you may strive to be a "Mighty man of God" when what God wants you to be is a "Man of a Mighty God!" There is a difference.

If you are God's man then His power flows through you. If you are God's man then He is the source of your wisdom and strength and by Him you do everything that you do!

When I see a strong and powerful man who says he follows Jesus I am of course impressed with his strength and power. But when I see a weak and powerless man walking through and overcoming great difficulties because the power of God is flowing through him I am impressed with God's strength and power!

Instead of spending your life trying to become a mighty human being, let your daily goal be that of yielding to God's will for you and letting Him work through every thought and action you take. When you are weak, then He is strong!

"Lord Jesus, may everyone see how weak I am. May every victory be one that comes straight from You and not from me. Thank You Jesus. Amen."

(Published first on April 7,2013)

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