Monday, June 27, 2016

Enoch Pleased God!

Because Abel had faith, he offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did. God was pleased with him and his gift, and even though Abel is now dead, his faith still speaks for him.

Enoch had faith and did not die. He pleased God, and God took him up to heaven. This is why his body was never found. But without faith no one can please God. We must believe that God is real and rewards everyone who searches for him.

Because Noah had faith, he was warned about something that had not yet happened. He obeyed and built a boat that saved him and his family. In this way the people of the world were judged, and Noah was given the blessings that come to everyone who pleases God.

Abraham had faith and obeyed God. He was told to go to the land that God had said would be his, and he left for a country he had never seen.  Because Abraham had faith, he lived as a stranger in the promised land. He lived there in a tent, and so did Isaac and Jacob, who were later given the same promise.  Abraham did this, because he was waiting for the eternal city God had planned and built.

Hebrews 11:4-10

This is an interesting list of men of faith.  Abel, Noah and Abraham obeyed God and were blessed because of it.  Abel’s blessing was that he was the first person to go from earth to Heaven!  But Enoch was different.  These verses do not talk about Enoch’s obedience, rather it simply says that Enoch pleased God and God took him up to Heaven.  Of course Enoch must have been obedient to God, but it seems that it was Enoch’s relationship and communion with God pleased God so much that He took Enoch without Enoch having to die!

There is a saying that the only two things that are certain are death and taxes!  But for Enoch it seems to have been only taxes.  

As a follower of Jesus Christ today, you should certainly live with the goal of being on God’s list of men and women of faith, but there is more.  Instead of making it the purpose of your life to be obedient to God, add to that your desire to please the Father!  God was pleased with Jesus and He said so!  Let every word you speak today and everything you do be focused on pleasing God!  Someday I hope to hear Enoch tell us how he pleased God so much that God took him to Heaven without dying!

“Lord Jesus, I want to have faith and be obedient, but also show me how to please You today in everything!  May You be praised forever.  Amen.”

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