Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Prize for You in Heaven!

Praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is so good, and by raising Jesus from death, he has given us new life and a hope that lives on.   God has something stored up for you in heaven, where it will never decay or be ruined or disappear.  You have faith in God, whose power will protect you until the last day. Then he will save you, just as he has always planned to do.

1 Peter 1: 3 - 5

When my children were small they would always ask me a question when I came home, if I had to be away for a few days.  The question was this: “Did you bring me a prize?”  

I suppose you would call it a “tradition” that I would try to bring something for my children when I came back.  I don’t think I did it every time I was away, but it was very special when I did.

Did you know that God has a prize stored up for you in heaven?  And it will never decay, be ruined or disappear.  I don’t suppose the Bible says, but I like to think that God has a "special" prize for me, not like the one He has for His other children, but one just for me. 

Can you imagine that after you cross over into the Eternal bliss of Heaven, Jesus tells you to come with Him because He wants to show you something.  Then a glorious and marvelous sight appears before your face and Jesus says, “This is for you!”

“Lord Jesus, I truly can’t imagine what You have stored up in Heaven for me!  But help me to wait patiently for that day when You show me what You have prepared for me in Heaven.  May You, Jesus be praised forever.  Amen.”  

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